Middle Harbor Shoreline Park

2777 Middle Harbor Rd
Oakland, California

Middle Harbor Shoreline Park, or MHSP for short, covers an expansive area of about 38 acres. The Port of Oakland designed, built, and are largely responsible for its day to day operation. This is a community park in Oakland, CA that offers a conducive location for both locals and tourists alike to learn a thing or two about the history of the townspeople amongst other things. When visiting this venue, you can have free access to the vast shoreline which offers a great view of the natural habitat of the area, maritime activities, and of course the bay. For any outdoor corporate event that you may have planned out, MHSP offers an ideal setting for such an event.

About Middle Harbor Shoreline Park

MHSP is situated along the Port of Oakland and San Francisco Bay entrance channel. It is located West of downtown Oakland in California. As mentioned earlier, what makes this venue such an ideal location for your group corporate picnics, annual outdoor parties, and other corporate events is its proximity to the shoreline.

Apart from your planned entertainment activities, your guests will be treated to the scenic view of the bay, the rich natural habitat and also the ever-bustling maritime activities at the harbor. It would interest you to know that the park was used as a base for the U.S Navy during the Second World War.

After extensive restoration work was done to the beaches of the park, it was reopened back in September of 2004. The restoration work also included the creation of a man-made lagoon.

About The Observation Tower And Amphitheatre

Guests of your corporate event can freely use the binoculars located in the observation tower as well as Pt. Arnold to have a great view of the bay. The observation tower at the park is called the Chappell R. Hayes Memorial Observation Tower and was so named in memory of the great leader of West Oakland. Using the binoculars at the tower you will be treated to a fantastic view of both the maritime activities at the port and the Oakland Estuary. There is an amphitheater at the park which is perfectly situated to give visitors a wonderful view of the San Francisco Bay area.

Amenities At MHSP:

If you want to coordinate a corporate picnic or other outdoor team bonding events at this location, you should know that this park comes with the following amenities;

  • Over 200 car park space with free street parking
  • Wheelchair accessibility parking areas
  • Large expanse of land for picnics and other corporate outdoor activity
  • Sufficient waste bins
  • Clearly defined multipurpose trails
  • An adequate number of restrooms
  • Drinking fountains

It is worthy to note that every area within the park designed for picnics is accessible to wheelchair use. Other areas within the venue that is accessible to wheelchair use include the observation tower, the Port View Park and the viewing sites located at the Western Pacific Mole.

Planning Corporate Picnics At MHSP

With a shoreline park having an area of 38 acres, there is more than enough room for your corporate picnics. The designated picnic areas are serene and ideal for both small and large picnics.

We can secure the use of the park picnic tables. There are 30 picnic tables which can comfortably seat 180 people. If you require more tables, then we will be more than willing to oblige your request.

While you wine and dine to some music, you should know that amplified sound is permitted at Middle Harbor Shoreline Park. Let us help you to secure the use of this venue for your outdoor corporate events even at short notice. Apart from renting park property like the picnic tables, we will take care of settling the park permit fee, securing an inflatable permit and even an alcohol permit along with insurance.

Let Event Solutions Spice up Your Outdoor Corporate Event

Whatever corporate event you have planned, our team of event planners are on hand to ensure a seamless and successful event. At MHSP you have the opportunity of organizing marketing events which involves the unloading of your containers at the port.

This is an event that is unique to this park and can be planned by us. For your team building corporate outdoor events and activities, you can count on us to provide entertainment of various forms. These can include live DJs, live musical performances, stand up comedy, pantomime and comic relief.

If children are expected to be present at the event, we will also provide face painting activities and also inflatables including balloons for their entertainment. Our specialized team of outdoor event planners will also help in coordinating outdoor sporting events at the park to help build comradery and team spirit.

We Provide Catering Services

What is a good old picnic without well-cooked food? Part of our planning services includes the provision of catering. We will provide outdoor catering vans to freshly prepare your meals of choice at the venue. If barbecue is what you want, Event Solutions will provide.

All our food vendors are highly experienced and trained to provide healthy meals in a safe and hygienic way. We also cater for all your drinking needs and as mentioned before, we can obtain alcohol permit with insurance if alcoholic beverages is needed at your event.

You really should allow us to plan your corporate outdoor event for the simple reason that we have a vast experience spanning over 30 years in the planning of a variety of such events. Furthermore, we have worked with the management of Middle Harbor Shoreline Park on several occasions over the years. We have built a great rapport with the management of the park and we are known as being trustworthy and reliable.

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