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At Event Solutions, our corporate event planners take great pride in getting to understand and know about your company culture.

It is our belief that in order for us to provide superior service and products, that we truly need to listen to our customers.

Our event planners are trained to remain open-minded and curious about your event. We see it as an opportunity with endless possibilities to offer our 35 years of experience.

Experience has given us foresight to plan for the unexpected. Our event team is passionate and enthusiastic to help you plan your corporate events.

Crafted Solutions for Corporate Events

We are one of the largest and most trusted event management companies in the country. Unlike other planners and agencies, we specialize in the unique needs business events have. From corporate retreats, leadership/sales meetings, conferences, and kickoff parties – we handle every single detail from planning to production, even destination management and guest communication. We partner with you to ensure your company’s culture and event goals stay central throughout the process.

We began in Los Angeles and expanded across the country. After 35 years we know a few things about event management. We help identify and secure venues that are perfect for your event. Communication and inclusion are vital to the success of corporate events. We’ve provide all services that are required to make your event extraordinary. We take the time to get to know your company so we can craft unique solutions specially designed for your next corporate event.

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Reviews From Our Clients

“Not only did you create a great ambiance with the lounges, lighting, and music, but the food displays were a work of art. And the entertainment? People are still talking about it. My guests all enjoyed a wonderful evening. Thank you so much for making me look good …Denise and Nikki, Event Solutions is lucky to have such a dynamic duo. I will continue to recommend your services to everyone I know! ”

Angelisa – O’Melveny & Myers LLP


Case Study

Named Bizbash Best Corporate Events - NEOM

Interactive as it was stunning, our best corporate events planners truly broke the mold when NEOM gave them their brief. They wanted a conference and gala that would stimulate the senses, engage the mind, and challenge the way people think about the future of water.

With over 11,000 square feet of production, including a 224 foot floating project screen, an LED entrance tunnel, special interactive screens at activation stations and individual presentations for breakout sessions – this even combined technology with fluid design to create a masterpiece. It was so successful, in fact, that it was named BizBash Best corporate events in 2022.

Read (and watch the video recap) about this two-day event in San Fransisco by clicking the button below.

Unique Solutions Specifically Designed for Corporate Events

Corporate events

Our event management agency will exceed your expectations about just how incredible a professionally-planned event can be. Our dedication to detail and creativity allow us to craft unrivaled experiences for our clients, their entire team, and guests.

With 35 years experience working on all types of business events (including team building, virtual, hybrid and in-person), our team has the experience and service network to bring your ideas to life. Our exclusive venues and vendors business partners across the nation give you unrepresented access to some of the most engaging and innovative experiences in the world.

Perhaps that is why large corporations choose us over other event planning companies and why most of our new business is generated from referrals from our clients. With us at your side, you’ll have someone to handle all the details. No matter what your corporate events need, we’re the solution.

An Impeccable Attention to Detail

Want to shine the spotlight on your new product? Event Solutions specializes in activation events and events that feature elements of corporate social responsibility. We can completely transform your parking lot or warehouse with elegant swagging and decor. Planning destination events in California, Nevada or Texas? Our destination management services have partnered with vendors and venues in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco Bay areas of California as well as in Las Vegas, NV and Dallas – Fort Worth area in Texas. We’ll handle all the permits, production, catering, rentals- even transportation and hotel arrangements. What should be included in an event? That depends, but if it’s on your to-do list, our team will help you check it off!


Live Entertainment, Games, & Team Building Activities

Live performances at corporate parties

How do you plan the best corporate events? When it comes to live entertainment, no one can bring your event to life the way that our team can!

After 35 years of being event planners in Los Angeles, we know how to balance work with play so that your employees will have an unforgettable time.

Through team building activities, we are able to communicate your values and at the same time have fun. We have some of the most popular and unique headline acts, games and team building activities in the world. We even have gamification of professional development activities to help you meet your event ROI.

Our MCs and game leaders work together with your event manager to ensure that all your guests have a great time. We make sure we go table to table to ensure every single guest is having a great time.

Customized 5-Star Catering Options

Professional, quality catering services are crucial for creating an occasion that resonates with guests. We can bring the very best catering right to your desired destination. We’ll even cook and serve delicious selections on-site.

We build the kitchens, bring the ovens, supply the silverware, set out the plates, and have it presented and served by our catering staff.

With a dedicated manager at the center of planning your successful corporate event, your catering won’t just satisfy; it’ll entertain! We have produced interactive displays like food walls, strolling tables, and 3D printed food stations to name a few. So if you’re looking for creative ideas, you’ve come to the right agency.

Catering food and beverage at business event

Creativity, Passion & Ingenuity to Corporate Events

entertainment at company event

We love what we do. And there’s nothing more exciting for us than seeing your target audience having the time of their lives at corporate events we helped create.

We have a genuine passion for event planning. It is that passion that fuels our event managers to work like crazy and provide an unparalleled level quality of service for each of our clients.

And since we are a boutique event planning company, each client we work with gets their own personal, event planner who manages the catering, decor, lighting, party rentals and all other event services for you.

We want to make it easy to bring your ideas to life and create unforgettable experiences for your next event.

Start Planning Your Corporate Events Today

In 35 years, our event management company has done it all including televised, press-coverage and even live streaming events. From humble beginnings as company picnic specialists in Los Angeles, we’ve expanded both our services and our reach to become one of the most sought after agencies in the country producing some of the best corporate events. Regardless of the occasion or the type of event it is, we are dedicated to bringing your vision to life. Find out why so many businesses we partner with become lifetime clients! Contact our agency today, and we’ll show you how incredible it can be.

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