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Looking to plan unique team building activities in the culturally diverse San Francisco Bay Area? The financial and commercial hub of Northern California, San Francisco is a great city to bring your team together and boost company morale! Just remember, when picking team building activities, find something that is personalized and tailored to your company and its goals. With so many options to choose from, like taking in the sights and sounds of Fisherman’s Wharf, The Embarcadero and Union Square, our team has shared some of the best team building ideas to enhance company performance.

Top 10 Team Building Activities in San Francisco

#1: Where Good Deeds Begin:

One of the best feelings is knowing that you’re making a difference. Build-a-Wheelchair is an activity where employees work together to assemble, test, and decorate new wheelchairs for donation. Other service team building activities include Build-a-Bike, where your team will work together to make bikes for children in your neighborhood. Employees will come together for a common goal, not only enhancing your business but your community as well.

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#2: Company Retreats:

For businesses who need more than just a day of team building, plan a weekend retreat. Stay local, or travel to a top city like Los Angeles or Las Vegas, where you can dedicate the entire weekend towards your company and improving your work team. For help with company retreats, click here.

#3: Private Sushi Cooking Class:

Bring your work team together while you enjoy delicious, fresh sushi and time along with fellow employees. Breakthrough Sushi is the first sustainable team building sushi class company in the US, and unconventional way to boost team-building. Bring your private sushi class right to your office, or travel to one of their many venues located in San Francisco.

#4: Night Tour at Alcatraz:

Depart from pier 33 and take your team on an adventure they will never forget. Employees will come together as they experience the history of Alcatraz Island and will get the opportunity to bond with coworkers outside the office. A unique team building idea, a night tour of Alcatraz is an activity we know you will love.

#5: Employee Scavenger Hunt:

San Francisco is known for its unusual and funky different neighborhoods. Plan a scavenger hunt through Chinatown, and take advantage of one of the oldest and most established ethnic enclaves in the US. Create clues that have to do with your business and employees, and have your team travel through the bustling maze of Chinatown’s streets to find their next task.

#6: Team Building Tournament:

One of the best ways to improve corporate team building is to inspire healthy competition. Plan a day at Golden Gate Park and explore their 1,017 acres of gardens, playgrounds, lakes, picnic groves, trails, and monuments. Divide employees into teams, and play team building games like company Olympics, corporate alphabet, or team skiing. Encourage team spirit, while employees focus on working together. For more ideas on team building workshops, click here.

#7: Corporate Game Show Mania:

Create an authentic game show experience where groups will man their podiums to answer company trivia questions on topics related to employees and your business. An excellent way for employees to get to know each other, this team building activity creates a more inclusive, intimate, and open work family.

#8: Wine and Art Night:

Indulge your employees in so much needed relaxation, while they drink wine, paint, and enjoy each others company. Considered one of the best arts-oriented team building activities in San Francisco,  a wine and art night can be planned right at your office, or at one of the many locations throughout San Francisco. For companies looking for a creative outlook for their team, this is one of our favorite activities.

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#9: Night Out on the Town:

Sometimes the best way to improve team building is just to give your employees a night of good old fun. Plan an event at a top San Francisco venue, like Folsom Street Foundry, where your team can relax and network with one another. An unconventional and hip event space, your company will bond over a night of fun and excitement.

#10: Throw a Themed Picnic:

Looking to throw a day event instead? Pick your favorite theme, like a Western/Rodeo picnic, and create a day designed explicitly around team building and your company. Employees will spend their time enjoying great food, better company, and fantastic games.

Looking for Unconventional Group Activities?

Did you find an idea that fits or are you looking for more unconventional team building activities? San Francisco Bay Area has a lot to offer, let us customize a proposal for your company to maximize the benefits you’ll get from an offsite meeting. To get started on your team building event, contact our full-service event coordinating, catering, and management company.

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