Marrakesh House – Culver City

4052 Lafayette Pl
Culver City, CA

Located in the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook, the Marrakesh House is an environmentalist’s dream. Purchased by documentary filmmaker Chris Paine, he remodeled the home to be a paragon of sustainable energy and self-sufficiency.

About the Facility

The Marrakesh House is modeled after homes from Morocco that centered on a courtyard and contains modern architecture in Islamic motifs. He transformed the 3,400 square foot home into an environmentally friendly residence that doubles as an art space and party event venue in Culver City. Designers used as much of the original material as possible to decrease the overall carbon footprint.

The Marrakesh House has a variety of lush gardens and flora and runs off of solar power to create pollution-free electricity. Anyone interested in either a Moroccan motif or green energy would be honored to have this place as a venue. Corporate events held here showcase the company’s commitment to the environment and can showcase their efforts in that area.

Party Responsibly: The Environment & The House

Event Solutions’ party and event planners have a special relationship with the management of the Marrakesh House. We are also stewards of sustainable energy and take pride in creating events and parties that exemplify not only the needs of our client but also the needs of the environment.

The Marrakesh House is a shining example of what a person can do when committed not only to creating a beautiful venue, but also a desire to bring environmentalism to the forefront. The Marrakesh House is gorgeous to behold and is filled with so many green attributes that parties and events held in the venue often take advantage of those attributes.

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