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After 35 years of planning the most unique company picnics in the United States, we know exactly what it takes to create world-class experiences for you and your team.

Our specialists understand that attention to detail is essential to making the day run smoothly. But we don’t just settle for “smooth.”

We want it to be a total blast, filled with delicious food, outrageous inflatables, and moon bounces, fun and exciting games, and the best venues your location has to offer.

At Event Solutions, plan your entire company picnic from start to finish.

Company Picnic Games for the Whole Family

Since we take the time to get to know your business, that also means we’ll know exactly what picnic games and activities will go over best with your company’s employees. From team building to family-friendly entertainment for the kids, we’ll help you create the perfect company picnic. And just like every other part of the process, we’ll handle every aspect of planning the entertainment, from music to the games, to team building activities.

Need fun company picnic ideas? We have tons! Just call us at 800.366.0603.

And here’s what really separates our successful company picnics from others: our picnic games and activities get the entire team involved, everyone from the CEO to the new hire. And it’s in those moments that team building really happens.

Team Building Activities

The Alta Day of the Dead Picnic

Case Study

Altamed’s Company Picnics - Los Angeles - Theme Day of the Dead

AltaMed has deep roots in the Hispanic community and a company culture that focuses heavily on family. To honor both, we helped them host a Dia de Muertos-themed company picnic. The Day of the Dead, as it is called in English, is a “day designated to the celebration of life and death, it is observed with vibrant colors that bring the departed back to life to partake in the ultimate family gathering”. Traditionally it is hosted in November and autumn in Southern California is a perfect time to host outdoor events. We took advantage of the cooler weather and booked a sprawling park to set up at.

This luxury picnic included high-end decor, authentic performances, and top-of-the-line food and beverage services. Massive sugar skulls were erected along with custom-designed logos for the event. Mini mission-style homes and markets (complete with cati, hanging peppers, ponchos, and sombreros) were brought in and transformed the park into a Disneyland of Spanish descent. Performances by Las Marionetas En Desfile, Mariachi band, and Fandango dancers as well as a variety of rides and other attractions made this picnic one for the records!

Reviews From Our Clients

“I contacted Event Solutions to host a company picnic and I was more than happy to see the results! They make sure your event is the way you want it! The food was great and the entertainment was out of this world fantastic! We just booked them for another event we are having soon….Thanks Event Solutions!”

Princess M.–


Picnic Catering

Of course, no picnic would be complete without food, and our menus are second to none. Every dish our caters prepare is carefully selected to fit the theme and vibe of your company picnic. There’s no blanketed approach here, every picnic we cater has a customized menu.

Tease the team with the smell of an on-site BBQ cookout or wow with an action station. All of your food is prepared fresh on state-of-the-art grills and simmered over oak wood. Hot dogs, hamburgers, brisket, BBQ chicken, potato salad, and other veggie options, as well – we have tons of company picnic food ideas to fit your theme and budget.

With us, even your food is an event. Action stations, novelty foods and fair favorites all add to the excitement. In addition to the wide array of BBQ items, we also provide vegetarian options on all of our menus. Because you never want to leave a team member out, and neither do we.

Catering at Picnics and Team Events

Finding the Perfect Picnic Location

Company Picnics San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas

Planning a company picnic for large groups is a breeze when you come to Event Solutions. We’ll take the time to get to know your business and your employees so we can truly understand what your company needs in a picnic venue. We’ll make sure you have the best park, beach, or outdoor venue of your choice.

With plenty of exciting locations to choose from, you’ll be amazed at just what is possible. Since outdoor corporate picnics are held year-round here at our Southern California headquarters, we’ll bring you a range of fantastic locations to guarantee your day is fun-filled and memorable.

We’ve now expanded our offices to all over the country so your dedicated event planner will help you find the best venue for your company picnic anywhere in the United States! From summer picnic classics to new winter experiences, your event is sure to be a success when you partner with us.

Our event designers will completely transform your park, beach or outdoor venue into your world. With authentically costumed servers & live music that fits perfectly with your theme, this is one company picnic that’s going to be a blast!

Taking Family Day to New Heights

Case Study

Sometimes finding the right picnic venue means taking a different perspective. For one Dallas-Fort Worth aviation company, it meant looking at their own location from a new height! We worked in close partnership with their Employee Activities Committee to produce an unforgettable family day for their 6,000 attendees.

The event included all the summer picnic classics such as inflatables, food, music, trivia, and games, but also included some educational elements for employees to share with their families. 10 aircraft – including the all-new interactive V-280 Valor mock-up – spread across the flight line along with Interactive Social Lounge and photo booths for mementos.

Lunch and refreshments were served during the day with a secondary menu featuring novelty fun foods added in the evening. The headliners included a live staged performance from Dawson Hallow and helicopter rides for staff and their families! This family day took picnics to a whole new level proving sometimes the best location is right under your nose.

Family Day in Dallas

Transform Your Picnic Experience

Transform your next company picnic location, from parks to beaches – even your very own location! We bring the tents, the stilt walkers, and the cowboys if needed! Imagine giant arches of colorful balloons spanning across a main stage.

Imagine a petting zoo, a raffle, cirque performers, celebrity look-a-likes, and elephant or pony rides.

Imagine a circus theme with jugglers and stilt walkers.

It’s all possible.

Why go to an amusement park when you can have your amusement park in the private area of your choice? Complete with rides, novelty foods, caricature artists, face painting, swag, and strolling performers?

Have your own unique company picnic ideas you want to explore? No problem, we are happy to guide your EAC or Fun Committee on how to optimize your experience.

Tell us the world you want to create and we’ll make it happen. We are not your typical company event coordinators. We go the extra mile to create an event that every single team member will enjoy and remember.

We can take over a sprawling park, sandy beach, or even your own parking lot or warehouse. Our team will decorate the grounds with branded banners, professional signage, and high-end decor/displays. Add in entertainment, inflatables, games, and activities as well as on-site catering and you’ll be amazed at the transformation!

Picnic Themes

We can transport your whole team to another world with our unique and fun company picnic themes. Themed picnics are among the things we do best, from unique and unusual to popular and traditional. They inject new life into an annual event, allowing a novel experience each year.

Imagine a western rodeo theme with a mechanical bull at your local park.

Inspire team building with tug-of-war games, relay races, obstacle courses, scavenger hunts, sack races, cornhole competitions, or water balloon toss. Alternatively, pack up the team and head to the beach for a luau picnic or taco bar. These are some of our most requested company picnic themes – but we have so many more.  Get a customized proposal to create your own experience with our excursions.

We make it easy for your EAC to plan and fun for the whole family to attend! We can handle all the details – big or small.  Just click or call 800.366.0603 to get started today.

We Do So Much More Than Just Picnics

Planning corporate picnics is fun and easy with us. We’ll plan your event from start to finish. Whether it’s a company picnic in Los Angeles, the Bay Area, Dallas, or anywhere in the US, our event planners can’t wait to show you our amazing locations, fun-filled games, and innovative company picnic ideas.

We do it all with love and colorful attention to detail. And even more important, is that we do it with a caring heart. Not only do we strive to understand your business, but we also take great pleasure in getting to know your team members. By the end of the day, we’re on a first-name basis with many of the guests.

We build real relationships with every company we work with. And those relationships are the reason we work so diligently to create world-class events. Nearly all of our first-time clients become repeat partnerships that last years and often include other events throughout the year (see the list below). Don’t just take our word for it. Ask for our referrals when you contact our specialists and find out how easy planning a successful company picnic can be with Event Solutions.

You Dream It We Build It!