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Company Picnic Checklist

Checklist for Planning a Company Picnic

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It’s time to turn our focus toward stunning spring and summer social soirees (trying saying that three times fast!) These soirees are part of our larger picnic season calendar, which typically begins sometime around April, and extends through September. Luckily, our event planners possess decades of experience, enabling them to create some truly spectacular corporate picnics. After planning successful picnics for over 30 years, we’ve developed both intimate knowledge of the region and long-standing relationships with vendors.

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Simply put, our specialists are in a unique position to bring you prime locations, fantastic interactive games and excellent catering choices for your next company picnic, guaranteed. Curious as to how we make it all happen? Keep reading for a detailed company picnic checklist outlining just what it takes to plan your day. Don’t be overwhelmed – all you have to do is pick up the phone, give us a call, and tell us what you’d like to offer guests for the big day. We’ll handle the rest – easily! 🙂

Planning Your Company Picnic Goes Something Like This…

  • A Location with Inspiration.  A good location is critical to the success of any event, especially  a picnic, where outdoor space can really make or break the more practical aspects of the event. We begin our planning process by scouting venues throughout Southern California that best match your preferences. We pool our resources by speaking with venues and vendors we’ve worked with in the past. Our mission here is simple: to find the most stunning, budget-friendly and geographically-relevant venue for you and your guests! That way, a solid foundation is laid so that other important details – like your catering setup, live entertainment, inflatable games (if you opt for those), and team building activities each have a dedicated space.
  • Catering. What kind of food will you be serving? Are we talking a scrumptious outdoor BBQ with multiple buffet lines? Freshly made gourmet salads, wraps or New York Style deli sandwiches? Whatever you choose, your picnic food will always be prepared on site and served with excellent homemade side dishes, like rich macaroni & cheese, gourmet coleslaw, sweet & smoky baked beans, freshly baked rolls, and more. Don’t forget the drinks! Depending on your crowd, alcoholic beverages might be preferred. Drink tickets are a great option for guests who’d like to imbibe, and for clients who want to control the amount of liquor served. An open bar with beer and wine only, or a fully-stocked open bar, are also viable options. Contact your event planner for more specific catering details, or to let them know of any particular dietary requests!
  • Interactive Games! Games and activities are the cornerstone of any great picnic or outdoor event.  Simply put, good company picnic games are those that your guests actually want to participate in! Intricate mazes, rock climbing, giant moon bounces, carnival-style slides and a wide range of team building events and employee challenges are at your fingertips when you decide to plan a picnic with us.
  • Dream a Theme! What is the theme of your event? Are you looking for a general theme, or something more specific? Themed picnics can be a fun and festive way to celebrate the occasion and give guests the opportunity to let loose a little. In case you’re curious, we offer dozens of exciting themes that will impress and stimulate your guests. Our Olympic theme, for example, features interactive sport competitions with excellent prizes and a special Olympic-themed award ceremony. Our Safari theme offers guests pony rides and a petting zoo, while our Circus theme includes acrobats, face painting, caricature artists and a full range of amusement park rides. Our event designers can transform any outdoor area into a completely customized space!
  • Live Entertainment. Live entertainment is another great opportunity to impress and entertain your picnic-going guests. What’s better than listening to live tunes amplified by a state-of-the-art sound system, with a plate of BBQ chicken & ribs in your lap and a cold one on the side? With access to the best DJs, singers, dancers and performers in Southern California, your entertainment options are limitless. Caricature artists? Face painters? Country singers? A live rock band? A dance contest? Contortionists? Whatever you can envision, we can deliver, and then some!

Allow us to handle all of your logistics, including parking and valet management, acquiring permits, planning your menu, providing security, designing your theme, finding your location, and organizing your interactive games. With meticulous care and attention to detail, we will plan out your day so you don’t have to.

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One of the most important questions when planning any event is how many people are you expected to attend? Keeping track of your guest count is crucial for all sorts of practical reasons, including catering, seating and parking. Our new RSVP services is an excellent first step in managing and maintaining a guest count. Let us customize your RSVP page with personalized invitations, graphics and your company logo. Use it to get guest counts, create professionally printed name tags, and send email updates to guests about the event.

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Let us help!

Sure you can try and plan your company picnic by yourself, but why? We’re here to help you avoid costly mistakes. We’re here to save you time and money. Overall, we’re here to make you look good! With so many details to consider, allow us to handle the small stuff so you can focus on the big stuff. Our event planners will work with you to turn the ordinary into extraordinary.

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