Oviatt Penthouse

617 Olive St., Downtown L.A.

Many people don’t think of Downtown Los Angeles as the perfect event location, but they’ve likely never heard of the Oviatt Penthouse. Originally built in 1928 by James Oviatt, it included a 12-ton illuminated glass cornice and glass arcade ceiling. There are tons of Napoleon Marble and a massive three faced tower clock with wind chimes. Almost every aspect of the building was designed by world famous artisans and architects. You have to see the beauty to truly understand its majesty. It still retains the art deco style that made it famous, and it has recently gone through many renovations and restorations to bring it back to its original beauty.

It’s this elegance and grandeur that makes it the perfect place for holiday parties, high-end cocktail parties, and other events. There is a history here that can be felt in every brick and stone in the building. It has seen so much good and bad that when you walk in, you’re immediately hit the sheer grandiose presence of the building. Event Solutions’ event and party coordinators have developed a long and trusted relationship with this party event venue. We appreciate the history and what it means to the city of Los Angeles and preserve that feeling in every event that goes on. It doesn’t matter the type of event or theme; we can masterfully incorporate it into the genuine beauty and grandeur of the building.

Oviatt Penthouse is truly a hidden gem in the hustle and bustle of downtown Los Angeles. It’s easy to miss it from the outside, but once you step through those doors it’s like stepping back in time. Our team has worked with Oviatt Penthouse for years, so we are able to use that to our advantaged when planning our events. We know how to take advantage of every inch of space in this massive loft, transforming this venue so it is completely customized to you.

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