Best Team Building Activities in LA

Team building is not only an opportunity to bring your work team together, boosting company morale but is also a fun way to give your hardworking employees a much-needed break from the office. When picking team building activities in LA, pick something that’s upbeat, personalized, and tailored towards your company and its goals. While there are hundreds of different team building activities to choose from, our destination management company in Los Angeles have reviewed every resource from BizBash to the best kept local secrets. Below we have listed 10 of the best team building activities and things to do in Greater Los Angeles.

Top 10 Team Building Activities in LA

Team Building Activities in LA

#1: Olympic Team Building Tournament:

Get in the spirit of this year’s Olympics and plan an Olympic tournament day for your employees. Divide employees into teams and play team building games that focus on improving specific goals for your company. What a great way to stimulate healthy competition while employees work together!

Team Building at Company Picnics in Los Angeles

#2: Adventure Time:

Add some excitement and plan a day at Dana Point snorkeling as a group. Or, take a short boat ride to Catalina Island and spend the day ziplining. Employees work hard, and it’s essential to plan team building activities that allow employees to blow off some steam and maybe even do something outside their comfort level. Want to stay on dry land? Plan an adventure time at a local park with group games, inflatable obstacle courses, rock walls and team building games.

Team Building at Company Retreats in Los Angeles

#3: Company Retreats:

For companies who are genuinely interested in bringing employees together and improving work performance, company retreats in Los Angeles are a great way to do this. Whether a day or weekend retreat, corporate retreats should be organized entirely around your business and its work goals. Plan a retreat at The Shrine and spend the day collaborating and looking towards the future. Or soak up the sun at the beach with lounge furniture, full bar and DJ to make your beach retreat a real treat!

Team Building Activities like Karaoke are Popular in LA

#4: Karaoke Night:

Sometimes the best way to bring employees together is to do something that is a little embarrassing and maybe even silly! Employees will laugh all night long when they hear their coworkers break out in rap or ballad. Who knows, you may also be surprised to see that there are some hidden and talented artists among you. Plan it at a local Karaoke dive, like Boardwalk 11, or have it set up right at your Los Angeles location!

Los Angeles Eats

#5: Eat Your Way Through LA:

For all the “foodies” out there, organize a walking tour, or rent a big van, and travel through LA while you stop at some of the best and most delicious restaurants, food trucks, or even hole in the wall hidden gems. What a great way to leave the office that could be organized during a lunch break.

Fun Team Building Activities in Los Angeles

#6: Bring Your Inner Kid Out:

Go to your nearest trampoline world or go bouldering at the Cliffs of ID where employees can experience the outdoors from the comfort of an air-conditioned indoor climbing gym. Make sure to make a reservation, creating an intimate setting just for your company OR have our event managers set up a rock wall, inflatables and catering right at your front door!

Quality Fun Team Building Activities in LA

#7: Charity Bike Build:

One of the best “feel good” activities, employees will participate in a fast-paced team building competition where they build bicycles for children in the local community. Learning how to ride your first bike is a memory every kid should have. Bring your work team together while participating in something that gives back. Pick your favorite bike shop or have a bike build off right at your location or venue. Find 15 more corporate charitable team building activities.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Events

Insiders Tip: Incorporating social responsibility into an event reflects a company’s culture and values. This is especially important for the younger workforce (such as millennials) as they strive to find appreciation as well as meaning from the businesses they choose to work for. Inspire good works and lead by example with elements from your favorite charities or local outreach programs.

Team Building Activities in Los Angeles

#8: Scavenger Hunt/ Amazing Race:

Explore Downtown LA or Hollywood with a company scavenger hunt. Create clues that revolve around your business and pick teams of people who may not necessarily know each other. Create prizes and have an award ceremony to get your employees into the teambuilding spirit.

Escape Rooms in Los Angeles

#9: Escape Rooms:

One of the most popular activities, escape rooms are a fun and exciting way to enhance communication, strategy, and leadership. Leave the office and find a convenient location, or create your very own escape room in your office! Employees will work together trying to escape the room, while they bond, laugh, and come together as a team. Voted by Forbes as the best escape room in Los Angeles, check out Room Escape Los Angeles by Fox in a Box.

Company Picnics Los Angeles Style

#10: Throw a Themed Picnic:

With so many popular themes, you are sure to find a perfect match for your company picnic. For 2018, a Luau Picnic with authentic touches such as Hawaiian food, dancers, and leis made from real flowers!

Need Help Organizing & Managing It All?

Offsite business meetings are beneficial to your company. Did you see an activity that jumped out to you? Can you picture doing any of these with your work team? Or, are you looking for some more team building ideas? To get help finding the right team building activities in LA or to speak with a team building event coordinator on some more ideas, contact our full-service event planning, catering, and management company.

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