5 Ways Offsite Meetings Benefit Your Business: Read Before You Plan

5 Ways Offsite Meetings Benefit Your Business

The Benefits of Offsite Meetings

Meetings are inevitable in the corporate world. Let’s say there’s a meeting to discuss productivity, and you need to find the most effective location. Do you hold your meeting right at the office, or do you host your meeting offsite? Are you aware of the benefits of offsite meetings? When planned thoughtfully, offsite meetings set the stage physically, intellectually and emotionally, allowing you to get the most out of your time. Keep reading to understand the benefits of an offsite meeting and for tips and tricks to plan yours.

5 Ways Offsite Meetings Benefit Your Business

#1: Inspires Creativity

A successful meeting does not necessarily mean that it needs to be at a high-end conference room. In fact, sometimes the most productive meetings are located right outside in an unconventional and inspirational location. Creating the right environment opens up communication and can impact attendee’s perception, engagement, and results. Picture a meeting in a cold room with stiff chairs. Does this sound inviting? Now picture a meeting on the beach with people relaxed in lounge chairs with drinks in hand. Which sounds more inspiring?

#2: Improves Connections

In a world that revolves around technology, it is important to encourage face-to-face interactions. According to Forbes, “10% of communication is words, 35% is tone, and 55% is body language.” Emails, phone calls, and skype conferences only go so far. The best way to get your point across is to host an all-hands meeting where everyone can meet in the same space. And while you can do this in a typical office, we challenge you to think outside the box! When employees are required to travel somewhere outside the office, it allows them to spend more time together, uniting your work team.

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#3: Puts Goals In Gear

Offsite meetings bring your distant leaders together for training, which is an excellent time to really put some goals in gear. A leadership retreat is a perfect opportunity to create an inclusive environment that is planned specifically for your company and its specific goals. Perhaps your company culture values wellness and so your goal might be to reduce work related stress. After all, studies show that stress can hinder productivity and negatively impact health, which leads to poor work results and more health-related absences. Plan a retreat at destinations that focus on wellness or health relaxation. Train your leaders in techniques that they can then pass on to their team members. Click here for more information on company retreats.

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#4: Shows Employee Appreciation

A well organized and personalized meeting offsite shows employees that you appreciate their hard work and loyalty. It gives you an opportunity to recognize outstanding achievements while inspiring others to achieve greatness. Acknowledge special employees who never missed a day of work, broke records in sales, or individuals who have been loyal employees for years. Go above and beyond, organizing an award ceremony to say “thank you.” When you create meetings and events that are personal to your company and values, it creates a work team that is inclusive and connected. To learn more about the benefits of employee appreciation events, click here.

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#5: Creates Camaraderie

Team building activities are an important factor of many offsite meetings. Working together as a team in a different setting is a great opportunity to exercise problem solving and work on communication, leadership, and business strategy. Find a meeting facility that allows for team building exercises so employees can see one another in a new light. It’s important that your company interacts in different types of social spaces, and not just at typical budget meetings.

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How to Get Started

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