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Looking for Company Picnic Ideas?

Are you looking for fun company picnic ideas? Are you hosting a company cookout with families and want a way to make it special for all ages? We’ve got you covered.

35 years of planning company picnics nationwide has allowed us to create a huge database of fun ideas that work best as well as some unique experiences to mix things up.

We’ve got 35 years of ideas on:

  • When to Host & Where
  • Entertainment Ideas
  • Games & Activities
  • Team Building Ideas
  • Company Picnic Themes
  • Swag and Branding Ideas
  • Food & Beverage Ideas

What Makes a Good Company Picnic?

There is no one right answer when it comes to making a good company picnic. Our 35 years in the industry has taught us a formula for success. You may know the basics like the right location, fun entertainment, games, activities and of course great food.

A theme can help organize the approach and make it a new experience year over year, but the most important thing when planning a good company picnic is personalized experiences. Below you will find all types of company picnic ideas to guide you, but the best way to make it a success is just to ask the experts. Contact our specialists and give us a little information about your business and we will give you personalized recommendations within your specific budget and location.

Employee Activation Event

When to Host and Where

Brand Activation Event Planning

Selecting the perfect date and location for a corporate picnic is different for each company. Some have dates already chosen for celebrating specific milestones like anniversaries, mergers or holidays. Others are more flexible with the time frame, planning a spring, fall or summer picnic. One thing is universally true, time and location go hand in hand and will be key in selecting an outdoor or indoor venue.

Traditionally, company picnics are hosted outdoors in the summer (find ideas specific to summer events). This may be different for your area. For example, businesses in the southwest may opt to host their company cookout in the spring or fall, when weather is a bit cooler. Speaking of cool, winter is becoming an increasingly popular option as well. Check out these time and location ideas:

Time & Location Ideas

  • Try a Winter Picnic
  • Host it Beachside
  • Your Location
  • Empty Warehouses
  • Explore Local
  • Tourist Sites
  • Fall/Halloween Picnic
  • Drive-in-Movies
  • Excursions
  • A Local Farm
  • Site from a Movie
  • Historical Sites

Watch Our Playlist to Get Ideas from Past Company Picnics

Traditional Fun Company Picnic Ideas

Our in-house MCs add professional flair to your company picnic and make your event feel even more all-inclusive. Imagine ‘popcorn’ call-outs reminding the guests who to thank for the excellent entertainment & food – you & your company! Audience participation and interactive, team building games are a significant part of making sure everyone has a great time, and no one feels left out. Employee golf challenges, mega bingo, and all kinds of rides, games, and activities are fun for adults and kids alike. We even go table to table to ensure that those enjoying the festivities from a seat are engaged and participate in your day!

Want more? Click on an option below for more company picnic ideas!


Face Painters

Live Bands

Carnival Game Booths

Inflatables & Bouncers

Inflatable Surf Game for Company Picnic

Carnival Rides

Picnic Rides

Games & Prizes

Big Prizes Mean Big Fun at Annual Picnic

Petting Zoo

petting zoo

Dunk Tanks

Dunk Tank

Craft Stations

Balloon Sculptures

Balloon Sculpture

Casino Games

Company Picnic Casino Themed

Company Picnic Games & Activities

Our picnic planners are not “party planners”. They’ve specialized in walking the fine line between company party and professional business event. Get more out of your business investment. Our picnic planners specialize in team building games and activities that engage every single guest, from employees to families. Call an event planning company with the experience and resources to plan your company picnic today: 800.366.0603.

Zip Lines
Giant Slides
Olympic Games
Flag Football
Water Balloon Toss
Wet Sponge Relay
Tabletop Games
Group Bingo
Raffle With Prizes
Team Relay Race
Carnival Booths
Mechanical Bull Riding
Giant Board Games
Bungee Jumping
Mechanical Surfboard

Executive Bullseye
Ring Toss
Balloon Darts
Basketball Toss
Golf Challenge
Slip ‘n’ Slide
Trike Race
Obstacle Course
Pie Eating Contest
Sack Race
Chicken Race
Water Balloon Toss
Corporate Trivia
Casino Game Tables
Arcade Games
Carnival Rides

Ideas for Team Building Activities

  • Deserted Island Challenge: In this game, players must list 3 items they would bring along with them to a deserted island. Players must then work together to use these items to figure out a way to survive. While that’s often the ending of the game, you can divide players into teams and reward the team with the most creative problem-solving skills.
  • Shipwrecked: Players have only 25 minutes to scavenge survival items off of a sinking ship. Divide your team into groups of two or more and have them go to the “shipwreck area”, where you’ve placed a number of survival items. These can be matches, tarps, ropes, water; anything needed for the team. But be sure there’s a limited amount of each, with some items having more than others. Teams must prioritize, as well as barter with others, to secure items and rank them in order of importance. This game is great for promoting problem-solving and leadership skills.
  • Human Knot: Team members are divided into groups and asked to stand in a circle with their eyes closed and link arms. Then, they must work to untangle the human knot they’ve created without letting go of the other players’ hands.
  • Blind Square: Players are asked to come up with ways to make a rope tied into a circle into a square while blindfolded. Once each team’s plans are laid out, they’re sent off, blindfolded, to follow through. Whoever’s plan enables them to turn this rope into a square without untying it wins.
  • Paper Plane Contest: Players are divided into teams and asked to build the most efficient paper airplane. The team with the farthest flying paper plane wins the game.
  • Egg Drop: Harkening back to the science class challenges of our youth, players must work together as a team to devise a way to keep an egg from breaking when dropped from a high spot. The team whose eggs stays intact wins this challenge.
  • The Barter Puzzle: Divide your group into teams and give them each a jigsaw puzzle of the same difficulty, but mix a few pieces from each puzzle into those from opposing teams. Players are asked to complete the puzzle, and work to get their final pieces, be it by negotiating, swapping team members, or trading pieces.
  • Blind Retriever: In this game, players are divided into teams wherein one member is blindfolded. The other team members must guide the blindfolded player to an object. This game fosters communication and teamwork skills, and is a great way to kick off any team building event.

Live Entertainment Ideas for Company Picnics

Brand Activation Event Planning
  • Caricaturist
  • Stilt Walker
  • Puppeteer
  • Cirque Performers
  • Strolling Performances
  • Theme-Specific Costumed Actors
  • Theme-Specific Costumed Dancers
  • Jugglers
  • Live Musicians
  • Themed Action Stations
  • Animal Shows
  • Theme-Specific Dance Lessons

Appearl & Swag Ideas

Answer the age old question “what should I wear to a company picnic” by offering company t-shirts, hats, and some cool swag for the day. Not only do they look great but they can help designate teams for your field games. Some fun company picnic ideas for apparel and swag include:

Custom Company T-Shirts: Mark the day with custom designed company picnic t-shirts. Use different colors to designate teams for your field day competitions or team building activities.

Bonus Pro Tip: Use your RSVP to gather information like size and color/design preferences to help you place an accurate order. Our registration team can pass them out the day so no one forgets theirs at home!

Branded Visors and/or Hats: Allow staff to show pride with branded visors or basketball hats.

NBA2K Brand Activation Event

Sunglasses: Protect their eyes with branded sunglasses like Cartoon Network did at their beachside picnic.

Budget Friendly Ideas: 

Low on budget, but big on this idea? Offer bandanas in different colors that can be tied on or company logo stickers against different backgrounds.

For additional unique ideas check out this article on branding at company picnics on our sister site.

Thrill With Themes


Western Picnic Theme


Olympics Themed Picnic

Beach Party

Guests Celebrating Win at Cartoon Network Day at the Beach for Employees and their Families


International Themed Picnic


Fun Zone Americana Themed Picnic


Carnival Games



africa / safari decor at international themed picnic

Oversized Fun

Giant Inflatable Foosball

Looking for Delicious Cookout Ideas?

Brand Activation Event Planning

And of course, don’t forget about the food. The right dish will compliment and tie up your day. Classic hot dogs and hamburgers with all the condiments are always a popular choice for family fun days. BBQ ribs and brisket are a favorite of the Rodeo themed picnics.

Fair-style sweet corn is an absolute must for all outdoor company picnics! And, did you know, the most popular picnic food nationwide is potato salad? Let our catering team make it both delicious and easy! We’ll roll out the wood-burning grill and BBQ on-site! It doesn’t get any fresher than that. More food-based company picnic ideas below:

Table & Serving

  • Sustainable Bamboo Cutlery
  • Palm Leaf Plates & Bowls
  • Recycled Paper Plates
  • Reusable Branded Cups or Bottles


  • Barbeque Ribs
  • Grilled Chicken
  • Tri-tip
  • Grilled Kabobs


  • Coleslaw
  • Baked Beans
  • Potato Salad
  • Fair-Style Corn


  • Funnel Cake
  • Cotton Candy
  • Churros
  • Novelty Ice Cream

All Your Company Picnic Needs in One Place

Over the past 35 years, we have planned and produced thousands of successful company picnics in California, Vegas, and Dallas/Fort Worth areas of Texas, and since taken our picnics nationwide. Over these years, we have developed a keen sense of what works.

When you plan your next company picnic with Event Solutions, it’s sure to be a spectacular experience your staff and their families will talk about for months. With a custom theme to guide your day, all the hard work of developing a great idea for your next annual picnic is completed. After all, coming up with unique company picnic ideas can be hard, but showing your employees a great time shouldn’t be. No matter where you are in the USA, Event Solutions specialists will come to you.  We do so much more than just plan picnics, we plan all sorts of employee events. Click on one of the links below to learn more!


We Do So Much More Than Just Picnics

When you plan your next company picnic with Event Solutions, it’s sure to be a spectacular experience your staff and their families will talk about for months. With a custom theme to guide your day, all the hard work of developing a great idea for your next annual picnic is completed. After all, coming up with unique company picnic ideas can be hard, but showing your employees a great time shouldn’t be. No matter where you are in the USA, Event Solutions specialists will come to you.  We do so much more than just plan picnics. Click on one of the links below to learn more!

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