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Leveraging Events for Marketing

When it comes to corporate events, we know that it is more than just a party- it’s a business investment. For the last 30 years we’ve planned business events for large Fortune 500 companies, helping them immerse their guests (both employees and potential customers) in an environment that was all about them. Unlike company outings or picnics at amusement parks, our events have a single focus- your company. That means no competing logos, business promotions or vendors marketing at your event. Instead, we encourage our clients to utilize our staff, decor, services even food to proudly display your company colors, logos and slogans. Below you will find 30 years worth of ideas to inspire your next branded event…


Branding Opportunities

Virtually every aspect of your event, from the catering to the entertainment, can be made to reflect your company. Some of the easiest and most common branding opportunities are presented in the catering and decor portion of your event. Napkins with your business logo, cupcakes or cake (especially popular for ceremonies), water bottles, bars, table covers, banners and centerpieces/arrangements all lend themselves to be highly customizable. However, it is the unexpected areas that can leave the biggest impression.

Branded Cupcakes and Display Table at Company Picnic for Target

This past year, photo booths (like the selfie booth) that provide printed photo strips with your company logo (and event name) were increasingly popular. In fact, photo opportunities are our number one most requested form of entertainment at all kinds of events, including outdoor picnics and holiday parties. We can provide green screens, props and even provide a digital copy of the photos to your business for marketing online (via social media!).

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Event Branding & Budget

Branding doesn’t have to break the budget, our team can help you find small ways to make a big impact. To get even more great ideas that are as unique as your business, call 1.800.366.0603 or click here to speak with a corporate event planner today.

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