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Incorporating Technology in Events

Incorporating technology into your planning process right from the beginning can save time, money, the environment, and generate personalized experiences for your guests. You probably don’t even think about the incredible technology you use when you search for “outing ideas employees will love”, but that search engine is a powerful piece of technology. Whether you’re accessing it from your phone, tablet, watch, voice device, TV or, good ole fashion computer, technology is already involved in your planning process.

Just Look at What Event Technology Can Do

Stuck on ideas for your company outing? If you are planning an employee event, why not send them an email survey? Let them decide between those two or three entertainment ideas, themes, and/or buffet menus to really give them what they want. This is highly recommended for companies who have seen attendance or satisfaction fall short at recent events. Your event manager will help you select exciting (and HR approved) ideas to include in your survey as well as have it designed, created, managed and even followed up with online invitations and an event flyer page if desired.

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Looking to get more personalized and have better guest management for your event? Online RSVPs is a  service that Event Solutions can provide which help tailor the experience for the individuals of your event. This is perfect for companies who want their guests to feel like VIPs.

Step-n-Repeat with Branded Backdrop is Perfect for Capturing Video for Marketing

Using an online RSVP that is also mobile friendly on your e-invite saves money and the environment. It also gives you a substantial amount of control over your guest’s individual meals (allowing for dietary restrictions). It also helps to manage guests (+1 only or headcount on family/friends) to provide the appropriate amount of food/beverages and helps in selecting a venue/vendors to better manage the guest count. RSVPs are also helpful in that it provides event organizers a chance to create personalized gifts to hand out to guests at registration (gift bags filled with company/event T-shirts, mugs, info packets, etc). For networking events, this can be especially valuable for professionally made name tags or lanyards.


Professionally Printed Name Lanyards for 2 Day Trade Summit and Networking Conference

During registration and ticketing opt for digital registration over paper and pencil. No one likes to wait in line. Digital registration allows staff to search for an RSVP with just a few letters of a first or last name through an iPad, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop or even a smartphone. No web? No problem. Because our event production team is involved every step of the way, they can plan ahead for a HotSpot or even go offline.

When Planning a Company Event, Technology is Used to:

  • Search the Web for Ideas
  • Email Surveys
  • Evites & Event Flyer Pages
  • Online RSVPs
  • Social Media
  • Update Guests
  • Create Personalised Gifts
  • Faster, Digital Registration

Use Tech to Max Space

Our event production company uses state-of-the-art space mapping to make the most use out of a venue. The event designers also use space mapping when considering the layout to ensure the guests have a good flow, or path, through the entertainment, highlights and food/beverage stations. Selection of party rentals, furniture type and even how the food is served can depend on the space and amenities available at your venue. Our event designers can get creative to maximize a small space using food walls, combining entertainment, staff and catering with strolling tables or installing custom stages.

Food Wall Unconventional Catering Ideas for Company Holiday Parties and Other Business Events, Outings

If your theme or company values technology, incorporate it in the fine details with GOBO lighting. Projected logos or event messages on walls, floors and ceilings make the most of the space while transforming it with little waste. Our event designer suggests that you can reduce flowers and ‘throw-a-way’ decor with clever lighting and design.

Company Holiday Event Fire and Ice Lounges with Snowflake Gobo

Opt for a smaller centerpiece and get a light-up-table. Add interactive LED screens with immersive sound from a penthra of speakers. Toss out paper cutouts with lasers and light shows that move and groove as much as your guests do. When you add technology to your event design, the possibilities are limitless.

DenimLovesArt Room Before the Event

Careful with all those cords!

With so many technology options, some venues find themselves limited to what their capabilities are. In these spaces our event production team uses as much wireless tech as possible. Speakers, mics, iPads/Tablets, solar lights, and other wireless devices can help cut through the cords, leaving the plugs for the more important things.

employee award ceremony with projection screen at company holiday party in los angeles

Cord management is an important task at events. If left to nonprofessionals it could lead to safety and security concerns (trips, falls and the infamous dead mic in the middle of an important speech!). Our sound and AV teams are exceptional about safety and security and they have worked with our event designers for so long they can’t help but to think of ascetics! Our team ensures that all cords are both secure and covered, making sure they are inconspicuous to guests passing by.

How Technology is Used in Event Design:

  • Space Mapping
  • GOBO Lighting
  • Centerpieces
  • Lasers & Light Shows
  • Lighting
  • LED & Projection Screens
  • Sound AV Mics
  • Wireless Tech

Food with a Modern Touch

Technology is not often thought of when it comes to catering, but we assure you it is a growing trend. From being able to make branded ice lunges to light up bars, technology is changing the way we see catering. From the beginning of the planning process, technology can be used to help customize your guests menus for dietary restrictions or preference. Our event production team has even organized 3D printed popsicles for a 2017 company Christmas party! Whether it is a modern twist on an old classic or a create your own, adding a pinch of tech to your event catering will really bring out the flavor of success.

Branded Ice Sculpture and Luge with Bartender for Company Party

Tech and Catering Ideas:

  • Branded Ice Lunge
  • Light Up Bars
  • 3D Printed Food
  • Digital Menus
  • Create Your Own

Everyone Loves Technology

From watching entertainment to creating experiences, technology is changing the way we perceive entertainment. Recently our destination management team worked with an event that used interactive displays to connect the artists from around the world with their fans. Admirers of the work were able to learn the story of creation right from the artists themselves at podiums holding iPads. Guests could then “Like” their favorite pieces of work.

Guests Interacting with Fun and Informative Tech at Event

Education that is entertaining is not just for museums anymore. Networking events, conferences and employee education seminars are getting on-board learning to educate with fun. Earlier in 2017, our event production team organized a company hosted networking event meant to connect entrepreneurs. Companies came together for this networking event and enjoyed interactive displays and education videos.

Ehab Habashi from Baron Cooper Wines in the Panda Ring at USA to China Trade Summit

Some people say that technology is moving so fast it is almost like magic! We agree, in fact, our magicians have incorporated tech into their acts. Using modern devices such as cell phones, Tablets and TVs really takes magic into the 21st Century. And they are not the only classics to get an upgrade! In winter of 2016, our event production team secured a Circ du Soleil performer who used a LED projection screen in conjunction with his aerobic performance to tell a company’s story. It was magical.

Staged Digital Mixed Performance with Large Projection Screen for Corporate Holiday Event

Even caricature artists are going digital with projected digital drawings. Photo booths have evolved into giant mirrored selfie booths and gif makers for your guests to share on social media. Karaoke went viral when it was recorded on a VR headset with custom themes like “Singing in the Shower’. Digital time capsules capture those New Year’s resolutions and giant LED screens allow you to play them back year after year.

Brand Your Entertainment with Printable Logos on Your Give-a-ways

Step-Up Your Entertainment With Modern Technology

  • Interactive Displays
  • Educate with Innovation
  • Technology is Magic
  • Classics Made Modern
  • Digital Caricature Artists
  • Photo Booths
  • VR Headsets
  • Digital Time Capsules

Make It Unforgettable

No matter how much or how little technology you plan to incorporate into this year’s company outing, party or event, be sure to make it unforgettable. Capture the moments and encapsulate them forever on social media, video and (most importantly) in the minds of your guests. To get help planning your next event, contact our event production team by filling out the form below:

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