5 Must Haves for a Successful Business Event, Picnic, or Party

5 Must Haves

Successful Events & Parties

Event planning is challenging, but taking the proper steps can help ensure your event is successful and rewarding. Here are a few things to consider before setting a date:

1. Venue Location

For the best attendance, your venue location should either 1.) be as centralized as possible from guests location or 2.) be stunning all on its own with plenty of local attractions and amenities for guests. Our event coordinators have planned parties for companies which span across different cities and states. The key to our high attendance rate is thanks to many things, but it all comes back to that golden rule; location, location, location. Cities like Los Angeles, CA, Las Vegas, NV, Austin, TX, New York, NY are all mega beacons for destination outings like conferences or meetings. While we plan many events like this, the majority are organized using local facilities that are carefully selected based on proximity and traffic. Sometimes the best venue is your local warehouse, office, or parking lot!

view from downtown los angeles venue

2. Capacity & Amenities

Now that you have an idea of location, your venue needs to also have the capacity (and amenities) to handle your event. Knowing your guest size will help you choose an adequately-sized venue without overspending. You want your guests to feel comfortable in the space, but also need room for entertainment, food & drinks, space to move and design to tie it all together. Decide whether you will need amenities such as a kitchen, stage, lighting, breakout rooms or patio. Even the small details such as spacing for tables and chairs (if you plan to use them) for catering staff member to maneuver need to be considered. Also, remember selecting a venue with sufficient parking will also affect the success of your event and will determine the date, time and if you’ll need to provide transportation for your guests. Thankfully, your event manager can help you with all of this. To get an idea of what size venue you’ll need, try this calculator. We also suggest you visit each prospective site to verify it has the capacity and amenities for your party to be the way you want.

Wide View of Event Venue

3. Crowd Thrilling Food & Drinks

Party food and beverages are a reflection of your theme, a piece of the entertainment and, a big reason why guests come to parties. This aspect needs to be interesting and exciting since it will profoundly influence their overall impression of the party. Because food should be as visually appealing as it is tasty, upscale is often a crowd-pleaser. Not all caterers are created equal. We’ve spent the last 30 years perfecting catering for company events like yours. Take a look at our catering gallery to get an idea of our food arrangements, and inquire about obtaining samples for tasting. Be sure to ask about our branding options. We’ll add your logo to water bottles, napkins, plates, and craft a menu specifically for your day that reflects your culture, theme, brand and event goals.

4. Customer Service

Good customer service is essential for event planning. The party hosts are responsible for ensuring guests are enjoying themselves. That means predicting their needs, a process that begins long before they start gathering into the venue. A successful event is all about keeping guests interested. Your event planner and staff should always be available to answer questions, but you can also help prepare them by providing details regarding location and attire. Detailed invites, custom RSVPs, well-placed signs, staff and info packets go a long way to create a successful event.

Happy employees on lounge furniture at company party

5. Personal Touches

Memories are the most critical part of any event. Providing memorabilia, such as place cards, and choosing party rentals like photo and video booths to guarantee the party will not be quickly forgotten, and it may provide additional incentive for guests to attend your next gathering. With corporate events, the personal touch is vital to a successful marketing, PR or conference style event. Particular attention needs to be given in just about every aspect of these events because they are so much more than just a party. From carefully selected colors and placed logos, we want you to get the most out of your business investment.


Follow these five must-haves when planning your next party to ensure it is a successful one. Need help bringing your ideas to life?

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