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If you’re looking for custom multimedia installations, our skilled crew is ready to help. Event Solutions has over 35 years of experience planning, designing, and running events in all aspects, including custom installations. Read on to see what we can do for your next corporate event.

Custom Multimedia Installation by Event Solutions

Looking for Custom Multi-Media Installations?

Are you planning an event that requires custom installation on-site? Are you looking for a party planner with over 35 years of experience? You’ve come to the right site. In today’s modern world, the possibilities inherent in the fusion of multimedia and installations are infinite. Luckily, Event Solutions and our event planners are on top of the latest technology and ahead of the game. Please don’t take our word for it; read our 5-star reviews on Yelp! There are a lot of event production companies out there, but not all specialize in corporate events the way we do.

We can provide your event with some excellent options for your custom installations. Film screenings become performances when accompanied by live music or dramatic soundscapes. Corporate parties and marketing events are also greatly enhanced by projected images on the walls, moving or still. Our event designers can transform venues into just about any world using cutting-edge light and video art installations. By creating exciting visual environments, we can bring your next event an effective, memorable, and highly creative atmosphere.

Custom Instillations To Dazzle Your Guests

From corporate events, holiday parties, product launches, and exhibitions, our skilled team on the ground can supply all the audio visual, technical, and structural aspects of your event. As one of the top event planning companies in the USA, experience has shown us that creative custom installations in and around any venue dramatically enhances the success of the event. They always create a definite buzz and generate a level of excitement that takes your event to a whole new level.

The reason it’s called a custom installation is that that’s what it is — customized especially for you, to fit your company, product, brand, or logo. The best part? It’s shown in its very best light… literally. We are proud to offer you this option and look forward to creating an exciting, informative and fun installation for your next party or event. Click or call one of our company party planners, and we’ll show you what we can do for your next party or event to make it the exciting experience it needs to be.

Custom Multimedia Installations for Corporate Events

Reviews From Our Clients

“Not only did you create a great ambiance with the lounges, lighting, and music, but the food displays were a work of art. And the entertainment? People are still talking about it. My guests all enjoyed a wonderful evening. Thank you so much for making me look good …Denise and Nikki, Event Solutions is lucky to have such a dynamic duo. I will continue to recommend your services to everyone I know!

Angelisa – O’Melveny & Myers LLP


Weber’s Electrifying Unveiling Event

Case Study

Weber Metals asked us to design a multi-media installation to make their unveiling ceremony truly spectacular. The company had designed and installed a world-record-breaking 60K press, and wanted the unveiling to be absolutely unforgettable.

We designed and installed a 40×40 LED screen system, whereon we not only displayed a stunning art story called The Sand Story, but a locked vault, behind which laid the groundbreaking press. On our custom-built track system, these screens pulled away and, with a rush of smoke from our smoke machines, revealed the new press. Check out the case study to see for yourself how this installation came to life.

Weber Metals’ Custom Multimedia Installation by Event Solutions

NEOM’s Visionary Conference

Case Study

NEOM’s Custom Multimedia Installation by Event Solutions

NEOM, a company with a mission to provide the globe with renewable, clean water, came to us with an extraordinary idea for their first US promotional conference. The idea was to convey the importance of water to highlight the need for a clean and renewable source: their groundbreaking desalination technology.

It was truly an honor to work with a company with such a life-saving mission, and we put our all into the multi-media installations they needed to bring their message to life. We designed a holographic 3D entrance of water vapors, a stage backdrop of projected videos of sea life, and brought in chandeliers, a stunning living fountain, and so much more. The results were as awe-inspiring as NEOM’s mission.

We Can Plan Any Type of Corporate Event

We don’t only handle multi-media installation. We plan every type of corporate event, as well as handle every detail for you. If you’re looking to plan any style of corporate event, don’t hesitate to fill out the form below or call our event planners directly at 1.800.366.0603. Here’s a few of the types of events we can coordinate for you:

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