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Ring in the New Year with an amazing New Year’s celebration! Event Solutions is here to give you the perfect company New Year’s Party to start off the year on a high note. From food & drinks to coordinating your awards ceremony, our agency will handle every detail to give you an amazing party.

Start New Year’s Off Right!

New Year’s is one of the most popular holidays, and therefore venues, caterers, and vendors fill up quickly.

To ensure an incredible New Year’s party, we suggest starting planning a few months ahead as New Year’s creeps up quickly after Christmas.

After all, we believe that you should enjoy a well-organized celebration this year!

Our event coordinators will ensure you have the perfect party from start to finish, by assisting in booking the venue, vendor negotiations, and offering support for your awards ceremony or speeches at your event.

Let’s Celebrate New Year’s With an Unbelievable Event, Partying Into the New Year and New Possibilities!

the best company holiday party themes

New Year, New & Unique Party Ideas!

event design for new years parties

It seems that each year New Year’s parties become more hip, cool, unique, and awesome.

Amaze and dazzle your guests with an event they’ve never experienced and one that will blow them away.

Greet your guests with New Year’s hats, masks, glasses, boas, and noisemakers. The second they walk in, they know it’s time to celebrate!

How about a midnight supper? Start the night with tasty and delicious appetizers, but don’t serve the delicious and gourmet feast until 12 a.m., starting the New Year with a bang.

Have an interactive photo booth where guests can dress in costumes and props and then decorate and draw on the photo. Ask the guests to write predictions for the New Year and hang them up throughout the venue.

Reviews From Our Clients

“It was not just a ‘Wow!’ experience for me and the planning team but very much a ‘Wow!’ experience for the employees. They are still talking about the event and how much fun it was. If you are looking for a professional, personal, and unique event planning service that will work to make any budget look luxurious, you’re with the right people.”

Amanda, Southern California Edison

Breathtaking Venue Options

the best company new year’s party themes

Your New Year’s party venue should be as amazing as the party itself! Our event management agency has a network of incredible venues nationwide. We’ll work with you to find the perfect location for your event. New Year’s celebrations require an indoor venue with room for dinner seating as well as a stage and AV/production capabilities. Our event coordinators will work with you to find the perfect venue for your party. We’ll also negotiate with vendors and arrange parking.

Additionally, we recommend that your venue be close to your business unless it’s a destination event. This may mean multiple smaller events at different locations. If you’re planning a destination event, you’ll need a large venue at a unique location. No matter the specifics, our event coordinators will ensure you get an ideal venue and every logistic detail is taken care of.

Everything Your New Year’s Party Needs to be Extraordinary

With over 35 years of experience as an event management agency, we have honed the expertise required to make your event unforgettable. If you opt for hosting your New Year’s party at your own business, we have the capability to transport and set up everything, including the kitchen sink. We can either transform your space or accentuate its existing features, providing you with a comprehensive range of offerings: stages, tents, pipe and drape, trussing, lighting, carpets, walls, greenery, props, decor, tables, chairs, lounge furniture, and all the production elements you might not have realized you needed, are readily available for your event.


Decor: Nothing Says New Year’s More Than Sparkle!

New Years Party Ideas

Blow your guests away when they first walk through that door. How about a party decorated solely in metallic? How about enormous, light up, hanging stars from the ceiling? How about a countdown theme decor with a wall of different and unique clocks all set to go off at 12 am? Or, clear glass plates with copies of the face of clocks underneath. A beautiful assortment of clocks could even make a gorgeous centerpiece. At Event Solutions, the event design possibilities never end!

Our Other Favorite Decor Ideas:

  • Clear boxes of glitter and sequins, wrapped in a beautiful bow, for a great centerpiece
  • Cocktail glasses filled with metallic balls as a centerpiece
  • Countdown toast (champagne glasses with numbers 0-10 on them)
  • Photo confetti (thrown, time released or both!)
  • Wall of colorful streamers (color coordinated to match your theme)

Food & Beverages

A party is not a party without great food and great bartending! Our drink and food menus are constantly updated and changing to meet our client’s expectations. Not only is our food delicious, but it is fresh and cooked on site.

This New Year’s party, we suggest a champagne salad, prosciutto wrapped asparagus, Brussels in a blanket, and filet mignon in a rich mushroom and wine sauce. Entertain your guests with an assortment of different color champagne, with sparkle around the rim, sparkling wine cocktails, and dressed up jello shots. One of our most popular catering ideas is our strolling tables. Have your appetizers passed out by a woman standing inside of a large round table. The woman and table are dressed up, with the table looking like the bottom of her dress. Or have a silk arial artist portion out drinks for your guests!

New Years’ Kickoff Party for Work

Nationwide Festivities

Case Study

Corporate New Years Party Entertainment

This tech giant’s main headquarters are situated in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Boston, and Austin. To celebrate the New Year, they decided to host their company’s holiday party across four cities and three states with the assistance of our event planning agency. For this event, our event managers coordinated all four parties simultaneously coast-to-coast. 

A performer from Cirque du Soleil, based in Las Vegas, was flown in to captivate employees with a tech-infused twist on acrobatics. Although his performance was truly extraordinary (you can watch it here), the highlight of the evening was the awards ceremony. The personalized touches and inside jokes made it evident that this company values its employees. Our team ensured this ceremony commenced flawlessly, from speaker support strategies to AV support. With their affection for one another and our professional expertise, the company’s holiday party became the most talked-about event of the year.

Parisian New Year’s Celebration

Case Study

Bazic hosted a captivating New Year’s party set against a Paris Nights Theme. The venue was brilliantly transformed with themed decor, colorful lighting, and photo-worthy props, creating an enchanting ambiance. Lighting and decor were used creatively to enhance the Parisian atmosphere, with a grand Eiffel Tower stealing the show. A Parisian band, silhouette artists, and living statues added to the immersive experience. 

Guests enjoyed a delightful culinary experience with an array of mini desserts and interactive dining stations. An employee awards ceremony to celebrate their achievements made the night unforgettable. With a surprise ending to the festivities– a performance by Can-Can dancers, this New Year’s celebration set the stage for another successful year.

The New Year’s party was a hit, leaving guests with cherished memories of a night in Paris. So, too, were they left with a sense of accomplishment and looking forward to another exceptional year. 

Bazic Parisian New Years Party

Plan an Unforgettable New Year’s Party

Everything You Need to Know!

Over thirty-five years of experience gives our talented team of event designers the ability to throw unbelievable New Year Parties! Our mission is to throw incredible company holiday parties, executed impeccably, that our clients love. Choose our business so you can enjoy your event! With one call, we plan everything! From catering, decor, lighting, pipe, and draping, and stage set up, our company takes care of all your possible event needs. Click or call 1.800.366.0603 today for a beautiful New Year’s party.

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