Diversity, Equality & Inclusion (DEI) Events

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“I am very honored to work with Nikki and Event Solutions. Nikki Helped me plan the whole event professionally and attentively. She put our company’s interest at her heart and always tired her best to make our event the best it can be.

Our event was jointly held by Alibaba from China. Since Nikki and Event Solutions are very experienced working with different cultures, they know exactly how to make the event a successful Chinese and American Fusion.”

– Coco from Alibaba

event production company los angeles

Diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) events come in a variety of formats. No matter what type of event you are planning, the one thing that all DEI events share is that they are designed to celebrate diversity and inclusion through customer and/or employee engagement. If you are looking for DEI event ideas, we have some real -life equity event examples below along with some creative opportunities to personalize your event to meet your unique needs.

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About DEI Events

DEI in event planning is not new; at least not to event production companies such as us that specialize in planning and managing corporate events specifically. Diversity and inclusion in events often comes organically when the event planner considers the attendees first and plans engagement and entertainment around them. To ensure people feel included, you first need to get to know them. Understanding their diverse backgrounds helps you personalize their experience that speaks to their individual needs and desires. That is why we do not have event packages. Instead, we take the time to get to know you, your brand, and your audience so that we can craft your proposal to create an extraordinary experience.

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What Does DEI in Planning Events Look Like?

It starts from the very beginning, from the invite and RSVP process:

  • When RSVPing requesting pronoun preferences for badges or placement tags.
  • Offering menu option selection(s) with ability to note dietary restrictions such as gluten free, vegan/vegetarian, kosher, allergy and other personal preferences.

When planning the event, place the attendees’ experience at the highest priority throughout the planning process to ensure choices throughout will reflect and include everyone equally:

  • Handicap accessibility
  • Gender neutral restrooms
  • Sensory sensitive options (such as headphones or a safe lounging zone)
  • Activities designed to engage everyone equally in a way that builds comarity and a better understanding of each other. Ice breakers, for example, are an excellent way to kickoff a meeting. Activities that challenge bias and stereotypes are another excellent way to include DEI in planning events.
  • Offer multiple smaller experiences guests can choose rather than one-size-fits-all type.

Ideas for DEI Events at Work

When it comes to diversity events for the workplace, the ideas need to be fun but also include inclusive activities for meetings both virtual and in-person team building events. The post pandemic employee’s values and goals have shifted with hindsight 2020 has given them (pun intended). They are hyper focused on the HUMAN aspect of life – from family to friends – making them more responsive to a workplace that shares their values for equality for all humans and respect for diversity that makes the planet a better place. To build a better team, the company must recognize and embrace DEI as their corporate responsibility. See how some of our clients have included DEI in planning events below.

Dia de los Muertos – Day of the Dead

Altamed has a deep rooted sense of corporate responsibility to dedicate itself to celebrating diversity, uplifting equality, and inclusion from all walks of life. With a staff made of minorities, DEI is not just a terminology, it’s a way of life. Recognizing this, they dedicate to pay homage to not just the living, but also those who have passed during one of their annual picnics. Their Dia de los Muertos company picnic celebrated Mexican heritage and culture in a colorful way. See the event recap here.

dei events mexican day of the dead event

dei events mexican day of the dead event

Virtual Diversity and Inclusion Events for Remote Employees

Behr Paints knows “doers get more done”. It is what makes their employees as stain and scratch resistant as their top shelf product. When it comes to all-employee meetings, they color the annual event with as much diversity and inclusion as possible. They include female speakers that talk on women in the workplace, discussion on influence with Behr leadership from various departments to ensure everyone is heard, Black History Month conversations that include constructive ways to foster inclusivity, and even meeting ground rules that make every member of the team an ally to DEI. Due to the pandemic, they had to pivot their annual meeting to a virtual one. Covering the wide range of a nation-wide world of employees as different as the colors they create, their virtual all-hands had to speak to the individual as much as it did the group.

They did this successfully by partnering with Event Solutions to include insights with experience. We painted a bright event partnership complete with trimmings of individual selection of breakouts, gamification of platform, trending showcase of trivia smarts with leadership board, and followed each day of the week-long event with surveys that provided insights that were used to better the next meeting. Add a world renown guest star Kate Perry and we’ll leave you to see the colorful notes of this event by clicking here (but be sure to come back, we have more great examples and ideas for DEI events)!

dei event ideas for work - women in the workplace

dei event ideas for work - women in the workplace

International? Speak their Language

If your DEI event is on an international (or just multilingual) level, be sure to be inclusive to their communication needs. At the US-China International Economic Conference, we provided real time translation services. Attendees were provided hands free headsets with translators piped directly to them. No overlapping competing speakers. During the meet and greet, they also provided real time communication to ensure they were heard and able to participate in the panel discussions without missing a beat. See this conference recap here.

dei event ideas for work - women in the workplace

dei event ideas for work - women in the workplace

DEI Brings Good Luck & Prosperity to Grand Opening

LESSO America, a subsidiary of China LESSO Group Holdings Limited, included DEI in event planning during their grand opening in Corona, CA. This event included honored guests such as Manlun Zuo, CEO of China LESSO Group, and Glenn Frohring, president of equipment distributor of Absolute Haitian Corporation. During the grand opening they honored their Chinese roots with a traditional Chinese performance called a lion dance. A lion dance is performed at large events to bring in good luck and prosperity, something very suiting to the opening of a new location! See the grand opening recap here.

dei in event planning - use customs and traditions that reflect your roots

dei in event planning - use customs and traditions that reflect your roots

DEI Does Not Stop at Events

Diversity, equality and inclusion does not end with the event.

Following the DEI event, follow up – and listen – for feedback that you can apply to the next event.

Everything in life is an opportunity to learn and grow from, events are no different. Be sure to offer a survey after your event to get valuable insights. Asking guests and applying the data to the next event will go leaps and bounds to feeling included, heard and seen. It shows you really are dedicated to what DEI events stand for. Contact our team for a proposal customized to your event goals.

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