Intuit's Annual Conference & Arabian Nights After Party in Woodland Hills

Intuit’s Annual Conference

Party Like Your ‘Intuit’

Our event team loves working with amazing companies across Southern California, and recently we had the opportunity to plan Intuit’s annual 3-day conference. Intuit, the financial software company best known for developing QUICKBOOKS, held their annual conference in May for their developers at their offices in Woodland Hills.

Intuit's Annual Conference After Party Arabian Nights Theme

Set Up & Prep

To plan for a 3-day event, it takes a lot of planning and set-up to make sure that every day runs smoothly from start to finish. While the conference didn’t begin until Tuesday, load in and prep started on Sunday which included the setup of two large tents fully equipped with utility lighting, ambient lighting, and comfortable seating for the guests.

Conference After Party Being Setup On-Site Tenting Flooring Lighting

Then on Monday, our AV team tested the equipment (large projection screens and a professional sound system) to make sure it was all set. When guests finally arrived on Tuesday, everything was in order and ready for a fabulous conference. (Learn more about planning conferences, conventions and large business meetings).

Watch the Transformation!

The Annual Conference

To create a professional environment windows were blacked out and giant TVs displayed live feeds from other Intuit conferences happening all over the US. A separate room was set up for lunch, and throughout their meal, info sessions commenced while guests were directed to the main buffet. Employees enjoyed BBQ cooked right on-site and got to choose from the grilled citrus glazed chicken breast, grilled sausages, bbq carved marinated tri-tip, and of course vegetarian options.

Buffet Table at Arabian Nights Theme Conference Party for Intuit

An Exciting Twist

The first two days of Intuit’s annual conference was all business. However, this company wanted to celebrate a successful two days of meetings and give their hardworking employees a party. So, on the third day, they celebrated with a surprise “Arabian Nights” themed event. Intuit really wanted their employees to be blown away when they first walked in, and to make this happen our event designers were going to have to make a transformation. Our team transformed their tent into a scene from “Arabian Nights” that included 15 on-site staff, installed decor, lounges, facades, and draping.

The Magic of Transformation

Arabian Nights Theme Tent For Intuit 3 Day Conference

When guests walked back into this tent, they were astonished by the theme and transformation. Instead of seeing TV screens, tables, and speakers, they were greeted by a snake charmer holding a python and two beautiful belly dancers. Find more pictures from this event on Facebook.

Belly Dancer and Snake Charmer at Annual Conference After Party

Guests enjoyed a fortune teller, crystal ball reader, a karaoke station, photo booth, and even a giant sushi ice sculpture. Outside the tent, we highlighted Intuit’s Core Values with Kinetic Challenges, where guests engage in hands-on activities that challenge their minds.

For Intuit’s entertainment, they had some incredible games that truly bonded their employees. “Learn Fast” featured our Hyper Dash Challenge where you test your speed and agility in a race against time using five targets and an electronic handheld unit. This is a game where the fastest time wins. A game that challenges your speed, skill, memory, coordination, and teamwork. “Deliver Awesome” featured our Speed Stacking Challenge: an individual and team sport that involves stacking specialized plastic cups in specific sequences in as little time as possible. Participants stack cups in predetermined sequences and compete against the clock or another player. Chains are usually pyramids of three, six, or ten cups. The last value was Win Together where we brought in Radio controlled cars (or trucks) tear it up around our custom inflated raceway! Themes include racing cars and tough off-road trucks. Of course, a backdrop, few props and a professional photographer are always popular at corporate events!

Group Photo and Photographer at Intuit Conference

Ethnic Food, Delicious Sweets & Memories

As the evening wrapped up, guests left full with ethnic food, delicious sweets, and memories to last a lifetime. These past 3 days were spent learning, working, growing together, and ended in our favorite fashion… with an over the top party. We absolutely loved working with Intuit and we can’t wait to work with them again in the future. Planning your own corporate event or conference? Give us a call at 1.800.366.0603 to get started.

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