Big Time Company Fun: 2016 Company Picnic at Granada Beach

Big Time Company Fun

Big Time Company Fun Under the Sun

A good company picnic is all about the 3 “B’s”: beaches, BBQ and big time FUN! Okay, so that last “B” is technically three different words, but you get the point! Last weekend, we had the pleasure of putting on an incredible picnic at Granada Beach, one of Long Beach’s most premiere waterfront locations, for a popular auto part manufacturer based in Southern California. Guests were welcomed by the warm Long Beach sunshine, as well as our classic, brightly-colored registration tent. Let the big time fun begin!

Company Picnic 2016 at Granada Beach

After guests checked in, they made their way to the custom outdoor step-n-repeat set up just steps nearby. In case you were on the fence about it, step-n-repeats aren’t just for high-profile galas! They’re great anywhere, anytime you need a few high-quality photos – even if that means setting up on a pristine, sandy-white beach.


Let’s talk about the food for a second. As previously mentioned, a good company picnic isn’t complete without the second “B”: BBQ, that is! And, when it comes to our BBQ catering services, you’d be hard pressed to find better picnic options (think freshly grilled options done on-site, over oak wood). Guests enjoyed jumbo all-beef hotdogs, juicy hamburgers and cheeseburgers, and veggie burgers! Of course, you can’t have yummy BBQ without yummy sides to go with it. Our tropical fruit salad with coconut sprinkles was a huge hit! Fresh pasta salad with roasted red peppers and olive oil, along with classic homemade potato salad, rounded out the mix as perfect BBQ companions.

Fruit Salad AmericasTireCompanyPicnic2016_101

It’s hard to tell which is more important at a high quality company picnic – the food or the games. Guests had their fair share of options to choose from, activities-wise. And, if you’d ever wanted to become a tiger for a day…


Speaking of which, how about becoming Bigfoot for a day?! Our bigfoot racing game was (and still is!) a huge hit. Guests in teams of four strapped into special longboards shaped like feet, and had to harness the power of team-building to get through the sandy obstacle course and reach the finish line before anyone else!

Team Building Game Called Big Foot Racing- AmericasTireCompanyPicnic2016_167

Maybe we missed one important “B”, crucial to all company picnics: belonging. A good company picnic (click for ideas) is about celebrating your co-workers and employees, and fostering a sense of belonging among them. It’s about letting go, letting it flow, and celebrating the joys of summer, warm weather, sunshine and good vibes.

Fun and Water Games at Granada Beach - AmericasTireCompanyPicnic2016_204

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