Cake Cutting Celebration: Samsung-Dacor Cut Sweet Deal w/ Merger

Samsung Merger Celebration

Samsung’s Cake Cutting Ceremony

On September 9, 2016, we had the incredible opportunity to grace the Cake Cutting Ceremony at the City of Industry, California, in the celebration of the Samsung Electronics American’s merger with the Dacor, a highly reputed brand in the home appliances market. The event, which was managed by our lovely event manager Nikki, was a total blast and all guests present were appalled and had a great time at the celebration. Nikki together with our team, which organized the celebration, ensured that it was perfectly themed to suit a major fete of two of the most influential companies in the home appliance industry. We achieved massive success for our dedicated planning and execution of the event’s party.

About The Event

company merger celebration and cake cutting ceremony at warehouse

The Venue: City of Industry, California

Our team of party planners clearly knew that the celebration was more of the standard “ribbon-cutting” event and therefore was determined to make it a grand and an excellent cake-cutting ceremony befitting the merger of the two manufacturing moguls. We wanted to honor and congratulate Samsung Electronics for attaining a new milestone and for their continued commitment to better people’s homes through innovative products.

company merger and cake cutting ceremony

Having extensive experiences in covering all types of corporate events, our team was on site at the City of Industry, California venue by 5.00 AM to set up and customize the magnificent venue with stunning décor to give it a lovely theme and an awesome texture. The team, which spotted creamy-white polo shirts, black shoes, and black pants, brought round tables that were covered with Royal Blue linens and we had them beautified with customized centerpieces to increase their aesthetics.

company merger catering champagne toast

Event Solutions Sets the Stage

We had white paddled-chairs surrounding the tables. We made sure that we brought amazing flowers to customize the theme of the event. The shrubs in front of the stage, large Ficus tree on the right and left the side of the stage, the backstage banners, and the pipe and draping illuminated magnificently under the specialized lighting that we brought for the event. We wanted to ensure that we did not miss anything crucial needed to make the day wow. We then set forth to decorate the venue with an array of customized teardrop banners of both Samsungs’ and Dacor’s tailor-made prints. We then worked on creating special instructions for the sitting arrangements, and the directions of the food stations, gifts places, washroom areas, and parking lots for the guests.

Stage Floral Decor Backdrop for Company Ceremony

Everything was attractively labeled and we were ready to usher in the guests by mid-morning when they started to arrive. The beautiful cake had also been neatly positioned and ready for cake cutting. We ushered in the guests by gifting them with white polo shirts, which rhymed with the event’s theme. Our unique entertainers were also set for the celebration and welcomed the guests with their incredible performances and amazing music. Our photographers were also set to grace the colorful ceremony.

Guest Speaker on Stage at Cake Cutting Celebration Samsung-Dacor Merger

The Awesome Food Stations

Our team knows that dividing food has never been an easy part; there is always that guy who feels cheated by others. With that in mind, we had made sure that food was in plenty. Not just any food, but the delicious and yummy buffet, which featured an array of various cuisines.

Buffet Table Cake Cutting Celebration Samsung-Dacor Merger

We had four action food stations for with different delicious buffet meals and desserts. Our main meals included carved sirloin beef with burgundy jus and creamy horseradish sauce and provencial chicken (breast of chicken stuffed with spinach, mushrooms, wild rice and pine nuts served with a chive and white wine sauce). Side dishes included yummy mashed garlic potatoes, green beans almondine, salad and butterleaf bib lettuce tossed with julienned bosc pears, asiago cheese, praline pecans with a white wine dijon vinaigrette dressing. We accessorized the food with assorted bread display.

Meal at Samsung-Dacor Merger Event in City of Industry

The Beverages

Foods and drinks go hand-in-hand. We wanted to ensure that our guests got plenty of both. Our team had three beverage stations that were uniquely displayed to emphasize the importance of the day. However, the best part of the beverages was the champagne. We all know that a cake cutting celebration cannot go down well without a toast of the champagne. The champagne had been beautifully wrapped and set up on a round table covered with a white linen. We had an assortment of other beverages, which included sodas, diet sodas, lemonade, iced tea, horchata and filtered water.

champagne toast at Samsung-Dacor merger

What a Splendid Day!

The day was simply marvelous. Our guests were thrilled with our event preparations, which created an amazing atmosphere for everyone present. The food and drinks were awesome. The guests felt as part of the Samsung-Dacor’s merger and were very happy with the various gifts that were presented to them at the end of the event. For us at Events Solutions, we were also glad that we were able to grace another beautiful corporate event successfully.

Samsung-Dacor Celebrate Company's Milestone

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