Live Events Are Coming Back!

Restrictions Are Being Lifted All Around the Country

Restrictions are being lifted all around the country.

Texas and other states have already allowed in-person events to some degree.

Now California, the first to shut down due to covid concerns, has announced that as of June 15, they will be lifting restrictions from all sectors including events.

This marks a turning point in the return to normal.

Destination Event Management with City Background

State of the Industry

It is no surprise that the events industry has been one of the hardest hit by the global pandemic. It has also been one of the least supported with artists and venues feeling closures harder than most. Event Solutions has been humbled to have been able to weather the storm. We did not just survive, but we rallied and even came out even stronger with new services in virtual events.

But many venues, vendors, and other service providers have not been as lucky. Now that we are opening back up for business, the event world looks very different than it did in 2019. Outside the additional guidelines that are required for re-opening, many businesses are working with limited staff and resources. That makes planning in-person events a challenge, but one we are determined to overcome.

We have spent the last year preparing for this moment with all new training, planning guidelines, sanitization, and rigorous cleaning techniques – techniques that surpass the CDC guidelines – to ensure that when we do have in-person events they are safe. We have secured services and protected our resources to give you the best chance possible. You have options with us, that even if venues are booked we can transform your own location into a beautiful event.

You Can Expect

  • Rigorous Cleaning & Sanitization
  • Distancing Seating Arrangements
  • Pre-Registration & Digital Tickets
  • Safety Compliance Logistical Management
  • Guest & Attendee Pre-Screening
  • Special Catering
  • Entertainment
  • Event Production
  • Lighting/AV/Sound
  • Staff (Screened/Vaccinated)

2021 & 2022: Predictions for the Future

2021 and 2022 venue options are extremely limited and with the flood of people booking in-person events, we expect this to be the biggest hurdle to overcome. Indoor options are even limited and will require a larger budget to book a venue with enough capacity to overcome the guidelines in place. That means, if you are even remotely considering planning an in-person event in the next year we strongly urge you to discuss it with your event planner immediately: 1.800.366.0603 or email [email protected] in order to get the best chance to have the resources in place for your event.

We Can Help

That being said, virtual events are not going anywhere. We are constantly redesigning and perfecting this service to help you engage with your team safely. You can expect bigger and better things from Event Solutions. Talk to one of our event planners who can help determine what type of event – in-person, hybrid or virtual, will work best for your team and your goals.

We can’t wait to see you all in-person again – until then, stay safe and stay connected!

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