Company Picnic FAQs

Q. When should I start planning my company picnic?

A. That depends on the size and depth of your picnic. For large picnics, a year or more is dedicated to planning, securing venues, entertainment, and catering. For smaller cookouts, 3-6 months is needed to plan your event.

Q. How quickly can you plan my last-minute company event?

A. We handle all the booking for you, so you never have to worry that your venue or entertainment is unavailable. As with all our event planning services, we recommend that you contact us no later than one month before your event is scheduled. However, we have a full roster of entertainers at our beck and call, so last-minute arrangements can always be made.

Q. How do I make my company picnic more special?

A. In short, personalize it. Our specialists will discuss what has been done in the past and how well it was received. We will ask you about your company’s culture, values, and the employees themselves to gain a better understanding of what special is for them. We then plan your picnic around that. Recently, company outings and excursions at unique locations has been a big hit. We setup picnics in unexpected locations and plan exclusive experiences that are as unexpected as they are unforgettable. Find our list of company picnic ideas to choose from.

Q. Can I choose my own picnic entertainment?

A. Of course. As our client, you can be as involved as you like in every step of the process. If you would like to pick your own entertainment from our wide variety of choices, we can provide you with a list and even let you review their performances before making a decision. Our event planners are always happy to make recommendations if you’re unsure about your choice.

Q. Do you secure all the permits and are fully insured?

A. We are fully insured with specially trained security and safety staff for your event. We also pull all the needed permits for your company picnic so you can relax and enjoy the day!

Q. What are the most popular company picnic themes?

See our popular company picnic themes or have us create something unique to your business.

Food & Beverage

Q. What types of food and beverage options do you have?
A. We have all kinds of tried and tested menus for you to choose from. We will also secure any customized menus, such as taco trucks or a sushi chef, for your company picnic. Our beverage options run from water, lemonade, punch, soda to a full line of alcoholic beverage options. See our picnic catering here.

Q. I have my own caterer in mind, will you work with them?

A. We work with all kinds of caterers, including your own.

Q. What is the most popular food at a picnic?

A. Hot dogs are the most popular food at a picnic. Hamburgers/cheeseburgers being the next most popular entree. For sides, salads (green, potato, macaroni, etc), chips and fresh fruit are popular choices. We also include novelty foods like assorted ice cream treats, shaved ice/sno-cones, and popcorn are all very popular.

Q. What food is good for kids at a picnic?

A. Any of the popular picnic foods like hot dogs, hamburgers/cheeseburgers are good foods to serve at a picnic with kids. Kids specifically love novelty foods like popcorn, cotton candy, and shaved ice.

Q. I have a very large group of employees and families to feed. How large of a group can you accommodate?

A. We handle hundreds of company picnics every year of various sizes. We have planned small gatherings with steak dinners to huge group cookouts of tens of thousands.  Speak with an event planner to discuss your needs by calling 1.800.366.0603.

Locations & Logistics

Q. How long does a picnic last?
A. Most of our company picnics last about 4 hours, although we have produced full-day and even 2-day outings!

Q. What locations do you serve?

A. We have locations all over the United States. We also travel to your location to meet with you on-site to discuss your individual needs.

Q. Do you handle parking?

A. Of course! From shuttle transportation to parking accommodations, we handle it all.

Q. We are having a family-friendly event. Do you handle those?

A. Our staff is specially trained to handle group activities for all ages, including young children. Various zones will be outlined for your event that ensures safe engagement for all ages.

Q. We are hosting a Bring Your Family to Work Day, do you manage those events too?

Similar to a company picnic, Bring Your Family to Work events include some special elements like tours of the facilities and showcasing products or services your company offers. These events are also held right at your company’s location, adding services like security and additional support in logistics of parking, guest management and others. See our planning guide for Family-Work Days here.

For Employees & Families

Q. Is it OK to wear shorts to a company picnic?

A. We want all our guests to feel relaxed and comfortable. Often your employer will inform you of any specific dress code requirements. Outside of that, dress for the weather (unless the picnic is held indoors) and wear comfortable shoes.

Q. Do I need to bring anything to our company picnic?

A. Our company picnics are planned to include everything you need. That being said, some companies may choose to include a cash bar or a food truck that is additional. Your company picnic invite should include any specific suggestions for you to bring. Generally we see guests bring strollers, wagons, and extra blankets/chairs (although our picnics do tend to include tables/chairs as well).

Q. Can I bring my dog?

A. We love pet-friendly picnics, but you may want to check in. Some companies may choose not to include pets while others encourage them. Venues may also have specific guidelines. When in doubt, ask.

Q. Will there be activities and games for my children?

A. Absolutely! All of our company picnics that include families are planned with all ages in mind. That means we bring in activities and games that everyone of all ages can enjoy.

Q. Can I wear jeans to my company picnic?

A. Always check your picnic invite for specific dress codes, but in general we suggest people wear comfortable clothing. Do check with your company policies regarding what is acceptable for picnics held on site (i.e. closed toe shoes at warehouses). When in doubt, ask HR.