Young Visionaries

About Us

Young Visionaries Youth Leadership Academy is an award winning nonprofit organization proudly serving the youth of San Bernardino County since 2001. The organization’s purpose is to help enrich the lives of young people through life building activities and instruction in the areas of education, employment, health, mentoring, and community service. Since its founding YVYLA has provided services and resources to over 10,000 community youth with training in a number of subjects; academic development, violence prevention, employment development, leadership and life skills development, and teen pregnancy prevention to name a few, in addition to delivering some of the area’s most memorable events for youth entertainment. YVYLA has received a host of awards for outstanding youth service and youth outreach and boast a long list of commendations, illustrating the recognition of our good work, from public and elected officials, as well as other prominent members of the community. Young Visionaries has a long list of associations and an extensive network of community partners, both in the public and private sector. We believe in collaboration and have worked in partnership with or under contract for a number of those community partners. Furthermore, our work has been frequently chronicled in local newspapers, radio shows and television news to date.