Weber Metal's 2017 Holiday Party | ‘Tons’ of Fun for Paramount Forging Company

Weber Metals Holiday Party 2017

‘Tons’ of Fun for Paramount Forging Company

On Saturday, December 9, 2017, employees of the Paramount forging company Weber Metals enjoyed a “Crafted” Vegas Cirque themed holiday party right on the waterfront of LA.

Forging Forward

Weber Metals began with humble beginnings as a metal scrap business. Strong values in safety, quality, and on-time delivery helped it fly successfully under the radar for decades. Then a small, independently owned business, Weber was able to focus on its customers and employees. After founder Edmund Weber’s passing, the business found a new parental figure to thrive under; Otto Fuchs.

Working harmoniously, Weber Metals became an elite member of an aerospace supply chain that stretches around the globe. Forging forward, they are entering the future with record-breaking achievements such as their 2018 announcement for the largest press in the Americas! It is this kind of success that calls for a genuinely grand gala. This holiday party would have to be tons of fun with full-event production, creative catering and a wow factor no one would forget. It is a good thing our event managers work best under pressure because we were hard pressed to find a venue large enough to hold the ever-expanding company!

The Venue: A San Pedro Warehouse

Warehouses are versatile venues located in just about every major city. On the waterfront in San Pedro, CA we found the perfect warehouse to transform. As large and empty event space, it served well to craft into the Vegas-like party that was to come. Lounge rentals, dinner and cocktail seating, banquet tables, heaters, speakers, lighting and more were brought in and set up on location the morning of. Gobo lighting, uplights, and even tree lights were set up and tested before the guests arrived. The bar was fully stocked and glasses polished. Even a portable luxury restroom was brought in to help relieve guests of any lines.

Weber Metals 2017 Holiday Party at a San Pedro Warehouse

“Never Stop Looking for Greatness”

This is the motto of Weber Metals, one that helped fuel the December evening. As guests arrived, it was clear that Weber Metals has declared it would no longer fly under the radar. Instead, they lit up the night!

White greek columns topped with urns and a ruler-worthy bust sat framing giant poker chips creating structure to the entrance. A registration table draped in white linens gave guests a moment to take it all in while picking up their chips.

Vegas Cirque Theme for 2017 Holiday Party for Paramount, CA Forging Company

Aerial silks had been draped over carefully planned and prepared apparatus holding a glittering chandelier. Two unmistakably beautiful aerial silk artists poured bubbling champagne as guests entered the venue. Draped dollops of light drew the eye up while uplighting soaked the hanging silks in vibrant color. Talk about a grand entrance!

An aerial silk artist pouring champaign for guests upon arrival at holiday party.

For the non-champagne drinkers, a hosted call bar provided ice cold beer, wine and mixed cocktails crafted by professional bartenders. Employees enjoyed their alcoholic drinks responsibility while cozying up to the Craps, Blackjack, Big Wheel, Roulette or Poker tables.

Bartender at Weber Metals Holiday Party in San Pedro

Employee engagement was key to this party. 18 professional dealers were brought in to help guests walk away feeling like the winners they are. A pit boss even managed any misdeals and kept the poker chips flowing.
Employees of Weber Metals playing casino games at company Christmas party.
A LED-laser light show spun Christmas colors across the dance floor like the Disc Jockey mixing at his turntable. The low buzz of excitement filled the air as the Weber Family came together under one roof.

LED Laser show in Christmas colors for company holiday party. Disc Jockey in background.

Our event managers and Weber’s leaders worked together to ensure their employees never stopped finding greatness at every turn of this holiday party. An amazing entertainer of the stars strolled through those lounging on VIP furniture or gathered around light-up cocktail tables to wow guests with magic.

Tableside Magic at Company Holiday Party

And Action! Stations

Displayed appetizers included Tres Chiles Mole Pork Meatballs and a Fresh Crudite Display for any hungry family members. It was not long until the Action Stations were opened and the warm aroma of hot melted cheese drew guests to their delights. The “Pasta Toss” included the choice of angel hair or penne pasta tossed before your eyes in fresh roma tomato basil, pesto or alfredo sauce. Any variety of toppings could be added to tailor the dish to your liking including sundried tomatoes, capers, wild mushrooms, artichoke hearts, and shredded parmesan.

The Pasta Sauce Action Station at Company Christmas Party

“The Quesadilla Grill” allowed guests to custom tailor their quesadilla and eat it fresh off the grill. Choices at this action station included Grilled Lime Chicken, Marinated Shrimp, Beef, Chorizo, Fresh Tomatoes, Asadero Cheese, Monterey Jack, and Cheddar Cheeses, Olives, Chilies, Guacamole, Sour Cream, Salsa Fresca and Grilled Corn Salsa.

Guest at Action Station Selecting Food with Staff

Even the walls performed at this great gala. Two backlit walls with mini pot pies hanging over candles completed the entrees buffet. Served in a mini pale, guests were able to walk away with a self-serve buttery crusted Chicken Pot Pies. What an exciting way to display a meal!

Pot Pie Wall, An Interactive Catering Experience for a Company Christmas party

Sides included salads like you’ve never seen. The Margarita, served in its namesake glass, included tabasco and tequila Chicken Breasts tossed with shredded romaine lettuce, roasted red peppers, and lime pepper tortilla straws. Each individual side was served with a tomato concasse and cilantro lime vinaigrette and topped with sweet and sour tabasco spiced nuts.

The Margarita Sides Served in Cocktail Glasses at Company Holiday Party

The Mediterranean Ceviche Ensalada Cocktail completed the salads. Cocktail shrimp, artichoke hearts, green olives, garbanzos, buffalo mozzarella, fire roasted red peppers, shredded cabbage, pear tomatoes, capers, heart of palm, avocado, touch of red onion all tossed in a lemon shallot dressing and served with pita points.

The Mediterranean Ceviche Ensalada Cocktail, Catered Sides at Corporate Christmas Event

A Vegas-themed runner decorated the buffet along with stacks of clear margarita glasses. The white linens kept the focus on the dinner action. Careful planning and consideration went into the safety of preparing food fresh on-site. Cord management, special heating and cooling preparation as well as the efficient delivery of a polished dish were carefully coordinated. Trained catering staff handled food with the same focus the Weber Family puts into their products; safety, quality and on-time delivery of a superior product.

Skills with Silks

The night progressed with the headline act of the evening. Two Cirque acts performed jaw-dropping acrobatics high above the dinner tables. These lovely ladies defied gravity as they looped, spun and performed extraordinary acts worthy of Vegas. (Click here to watch the video and see them in action!)

 The Cirque acts performed jaw-dropping acrobatics above guests at corporate holiday event

Dinner rounds off and event staff silently cleared tables in the background (a trick of our own). Buffet tables transformed into a Late Night Snacks spread. Chips and salsa complimented cold drinks from the bar while plastic chips rattled heavy in guests pockets.

Ready to cash in, the winning employees counted their chips as they gather around the Money Cage. Tim, our best MC, took the lead as the auctioneer as the ten prizes were lined up. Guests bid based on the chips they had won throughout the night’s games. We’d have to say that his cattle rattle is the best on the West Coast!

Tim, our best MC, took the lead as the auctioneer at the Money Cage.

Guests laughed hysterically, cheered as they won, and playfully hissed another player outbid them. One by one, the prizes were auctioned off until the crowd dispersed to order refills, dance to the DJ or try their hand with lady luck one last time.

Aution Game at Corporate Holiday Party

Like a Dream

How do you end a Vegas-inspired Cirque party for a company like Weber Metals? You do something that really pops. Partnering with the innovative and latest in culinary confection, Dream Pops was selected to cater dessert. These were not just any popsicles; they are the world’s first 3D printed superfood. All-natural, gluten-free, plant-based these sweet treats are locally sourced under the direction of a three-star Michelin Chef. Customized to fit the theme of the evening, flavors included Berry Rose, Patron Dream, and Casa Dream and were served with fresh, hot coffee.

Dream Pops, Vegan, Gluten Free and Locally Sourced Dessert Catering

We wanted everyone to walk away feeling like a winner, but the truth is we were the lucky ones. Thank you for making all of us at Event Solutions feel a part of the extended Weber Family.

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