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Valley Center Event Planning

Don’t get stressed by event planning in Valley Center. Our event planner coordinator will be with you every step of the way to make sure everything from planning to execution goes smoothly. Event Solutions is the event planner San Diego County residents come to again and again. Let Event Solutions’ San Diego County event planners turn your humdrum company picnic into an event worthy of you and your employees. When it comes to event planning in San Diego County, there are none better than Event Solutions. We have more than 25 years of experience in crafting memorable events.

This is the year that Valley Center’s country living will get a real strain. It is the year that the widening of Valley Center Road, and the installation of the planted median on the road, is likely to cause the most disruption to the lives of its residents. Many things are in the works for the road widening. Valley Center is going to a brand new, four lane road, with a beautiful planted median. At the same time we will eventually get underground utility poles. Our water district is also installing a brand-new set of mains to replace the ones that have been there for more than half a century. But Valleyites are a resilient bunch. We’ve endured worse things, much worse things, and not only survived, but also shone, as we demonstrated that in Valley Center, everyone pulls together and looks out for each other.

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