The Threads that Connect Us: A Denim Event Experience | L.A. Art Expo

The Threads that Connect Us

The Threads that Connect Us

On Wednesday, December 6, 2017, art curators and fashion influencers gathered at the 30th floor of the USC Building in downtown Los Angeles. Their goal? To get the chance to be a part of the one-day-only international art expo featuring everyone’s favorite fabric: denim.

Watch the Corporate Anniversary Party Unfold:

Established in 1987, Calik Denim celebrated its 30th year anniversary in a fashion all its own. True to their passion, Calik Denim, looked to celebrate the only way they know how: by weaving together artists from all over the world with a common thread.

Branded Registration Desk at Art Expo in Los Angeles

Like the fabric they create, Calik Denim values the threads that have helped make them so successful. For them, it’s more than just textile- it’s a responsibility to help that fabric (and it’s users) achieve it’s dreams -no matter what form they take.

“‘Denim’ is so much more than a fabric; interwoven through our lives and across generations, adapting seamlessly to the conditions of every era. It is the uniform originally invested for workers, and worn by everyone, a symbol of freedom, pioneer of change, and now an icon of fashion…” – Calik Denim

Artists from all over the world submitted new concepts and interactive art displays for the #DenimLovesArt Expo to tour in Istanbul, Amsterdam and Los Angeles. Ultimately, 30 artists transcending age, location and culture were selected for the international exhibition lead by HEY MOMENTS ! The Experience Design Company.

Interactive Gallery: Click/Hover Your Mouse Over the Picture to View Details

While the artists themselves could not follow their exhibits around the world, they were able to communicate their artistic story with the help of technology. Next to every display was an interactive podium where guests could play the closed-captioned videos.

Art Expo with Interactive Tech Displays

With just a touch of a screen, the artists themselves could tell the story of inspiration and creation. Guests could even let the artists know they enjoyed their work by adding a digital ‘heart’ to their favorite pieces!

Guests Interacting with Fun and Informative Tech at Event

The art expo featured the familiar high-fashion clothing, but also unexpected wall decor and functional furniture. But what was truly on display was the versatility of the fabric; it’s strength and unparalleled softness combined with unlimited expression.

The Los Angeles Art Expo

After weeks of anticipation and planning, the exhibitions finally arrived in L.A.. HEY MOMENTS ! The Experience Design Company trusted our Los Angeles destination management team to get everything setup in time. The next three days were spent setting up the art displays, podiums, lighting, sound and securing (and hiding) unsightly cords so the focus stayed on Calik Denim and their exhibits.

Watch the Time Lapse Video of the Setup

Guests entered the this event at the ground floor of the USC building in downtown Los Angeles. Staff greeted them at the elevator doors to unlock the penthouse floor. A heartbeat later, the doors opened to saturate the room in blue lights and contemporary music. Smiling registration staff and campaign greeted fashion and art beneficiaries.

Drinks in Hand Guests networking at Art Event

Drink in hand, guests flowed through the room full of light up cocktail tables and white lounge furniture to the wall-to-ceiling windows. Breathtaking views of the downtown Los Angeles skyline made more dramatic by the active wildfires.

USC Penthouse Event Planners Know How to Take Advantage of the Dramatic Windows

Even after the sun went down, the glow of downtown Los Angeles warranted reflection.  Guests were drawn to the patio area to take a few breathtaking photos of their own.

Guests Taking Photos of Downtown Los Angeles Skyline at Night

Pre-party entertainment included a selfie photo booth mirror that allowed guests to write their own message right on the photo. A branded printout custom-made for the anniversary party left with guests to remind them of the beauty of blue.

Selfie Photo Booth Mirror at Art Expo in Downtown Los Angeles

People networked, connected on social media and enjoyed delicious bites. Hand-passed appetizers flowed from friendly wait staff in denim aprons with custom event branding logos.

Hand passed appetizers flowed from friendly wait staff in denim aprons with custom event branding logo

Refills in hand from the open beer/wine bar, the music died down to draw attention to the 20×20 foot projection screen. Onto the stage entered Calik Denim representatives to address the eager crowd.

Hakan Anuk (at the stage at the right) and Hamit Yenici (at the stage at the left) of Calik Denim

They closed with “denim loves art, but as we learned – art love denim too” and an educational video about the company and its product. Finally the double doors everyone waited anxiously to open parted to reveal the new product launch along with the art exhibit.

Product Launch Party in Los Angeles

Guests were able to flow through a loop of denim inspiration, watch videos from the artists and interact with the exhibits. Creativity burned as hot as the nearby California wildfires.

Wildfire colored sunset view from downtown Los Angeles penthouse

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