Best Corporate Holiday Gifts for Empoyees, Coworkers, CEOs

The Best Corporate Holiday Gifts

‘Tis the Gift Giving Season

It’s that time of year again! As our event planners are busy planning company holiday parties, we are often approached with the question of which gifts, if any, should be presented to bosses, employees and/or VIP guests. We’ve rounded up the best corporate gifts for employees & coworkers, CEOs & executives, customers & clients, and for charity & your community. Read on and become the expert gift giver you were destined to be!

Here’s how to do it right.

Gift Bags for Company Holiday Party with Classical Cars in Background

For Employees & Coworkers

When it comes to employees and coworkers, you’re at liberty to get a little more creative than you might be with your boss or company chairwoman. These are probably the people you see the most on a daily basis, and with good reason: they’re often the heart and soul of your company, and help keep things ticking day in and day out. They may even be your office bestie, or work spouse! Try these ideas on for size for your favorite cubicle mate or front-desk frontman:

Ticket Stub Holder, a memoriable corporate Christmas gift

Smartphone Stand

Fresh Soap, idea for a gift to give at a corporate holiday party

  • For the beauty queen: Fresh Luxury Fresh Life Oval Soap, $15 (

Unplug Journal is a great gift for a office holiday party

For CEOs & Executives

A more challenging (and perhaps discerning) bunch to shop for, your CEO, VP, CFO, or any other senior executive deserves a respectable, classy gift. However, tread lightly with this group. You don’t want your gift to come off as trying too hard, nor do you want to make it seem as though you’re attempting to buy their affection. Try these ideas for maximum gift happiness! (Pro tip: Expensive does not always equal better!)

Multi Charger, a gift for your company holiday party

  • For the Apple AND Android lover: Juicy Power 7-Port Desktop USB Charging Station, $45 (

Wine chiller and preserver is a great corporate gift idea

Leather cord organizer, excellent gift for a holiday corporate party

Try the World gift box, great gift for the company holiday party

For Customers & Clients

Customers and clients are crucial to any business’s success. Why not express appreciation this holiday season with a small token of gratitude? Simple gifts like gift certificates and food related items are great for this group – since it’s the holidays, why not capitalize on the gift season with something delicious?


Harry and David chocolate

Cookie Tower gift for corporate christmas party or office holiday party

Scrabble coasters gift idea for corporate Christmas party

Gourmet cappuccino set gift idea for company christmas party

  • For coffee lovers: Holiday Gourmet Cappuccino gift set, $10 (

For Charity & Community

Gifts for the charity or charities of your choice and/or for your surrounding community should be meaningful and appropriate for the group in question. Think practical and timely. Ultimately, you want these gifts to have an impact beyond the yuletide cheer.


DIY teacher kit

TisBest Charity Gift Card, great corporate gift idea

  • For the charity of your choice: TisBest Charity Gift Card, prices vary. (

Homeless Care Package for the holidays

  • For your local homeless shelter or community member: Homeless Care Package, prices vary. (

The holidays are a great way to express your appreciation and gratitude for all those awesome people on your list. Of course, the way in which you present your gifts is just as important as what you’re giving. At your company holiday party, why not hold a small ceremony during the party for employee gift giving? Or, how about a holiday luncheon where employees and bosses can receive their gifts at the same time? If you’d prefer a cocktail party, consider handing out gift bags as guests arrive.

Make Your Holiday Party Extra Happy!

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