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Team Building Workshops

There’s no “I” in Team!

Are you looking for something that brings your staff together? While some may shy away at the idea of corporate team building games and activities, Event Solutions creates workshops that are not only incredibly fun, but activities that engage your employees and brings them together. These workshops bring up attendance, motivate your employees, thanks them for their loyalty, and ultimately encourages them to keep up the hard work. It brings excitement back into the office, while teaching your employees key skills such as communication, compromise, and management.

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Nothing brings co workers and employees together like corporate team building workshops. Our team builder event planners are proud to present you with a range of interactive games this summer that are designed to boost morale, inspire your guests, and bring life to the party. More importantly, Event Solutions specifically designs our team building workshops based off your company’s goal and mission. Our team building games are led by our masters of ceremonies and interactive team leaders, specifically trained in bringing employees together and training them in your business’ personal morals.

Our Favorite Team Building Games…

  • Corporate Alphabet: Teams race to spell your company’s name using only their bodies.
  • Magic Carpet Ride: Teams work together to master the magic carpet challenge by cooperating quicker than their opponents.
  • Team Skiing: Participants will work together to traverse the playing field on cross country ski’s built for 6.
  • Executive Shaving Cream Rain: This is the opportunity of a lifetime for employees to shoot their managers and have them only smile in return! Teams race to rid the managers’ umbrella of shaving cream before the other team can do the same.

Our Complete Interactive Games

A List of Company Picnic Games

We Make it Easy!

No matter the group size, company, theme, or vision, Event Solutions is the solution for you. Complete your amazing team building workshop in a fun filled atmosphere with fantastic on site catering, live entertainment, and always, stunning event design. It’s true what they say, there’s no “I” in team! When booking your next company picnic or corporate event, ask your team building event planner about what we can offer you this year. Whichever games you choose one thing is clear. These interactive games bring people together and make for an unforgettable day out. Your employees will bring the memory of that day back to the office and in many cases, improve their productivity because of it. We’ve seen it happen time and time again over the years. When used as a curriculum for employees there’s no end to what you can achieve as a company, by moving forward as a team.

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How do I find a team building event planner? What are some team building activities? Where do I find a location for my company picnic? At Event Solutions, we have all those bases covered for you. From finding the perfect location, to marking out the field where the games will be played, by setting up registration booths on site, signing people in, assigning teams, and by having team captains and event coordinators on the ground, the day will run smoothly. Call us today for a free quote!

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