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Save a Life

While many events have been canceled, none are more devastating or have further reach than the blood drives. Nationwide, the cancellation of these vital events have caused blood shortages for those who need it most. We want to be a part of the solution. We have partnered with LifeStream Blood Banks to help bridge the gap between donors and centers/drives.

Get Out & Give

LifeStream needs donors to come out in force over the coming weeks to ensure patients have the blood they need as they work to stabilize the blood supply in the wake of COVID-19. FEMA, the CDC and the Surgeon General have all identified blood donation as an essential health care activity, and donations are necessary to keep patients safe in our community and beyond.

LifeStream centers and mobile drives are in tightly-controlled environments designed to keep donors safe. Face masks are required at all donation centers and mobile drives. Face masks are not provided at this time for donors.

  • Only healthy people are encouraged to give blood. In fact, donors must be feeling well and free of illness symptoms, including fever, to be eligible to donate.
  • People who meet certain travel and other at-risk criteria for COVID-19 are deferred ahead of time from donating.
  • To practice social distancing and avoid overcrowding, appointments are recommended, walk-ins welcome.
  • We are limiting the amount of people permitted in the donor centers and mobile drives. We may ask you to leave a mobile phone number and wait in your car until your turn is called.
  • We have implemented screening processes including temperature checks BEFORE the donor walks into a donor center or mobile drive.
  • We are spacing chairs 6 feet apart in waiting and donation areas, per guidance from the CDC.
  • Our staff wear masks or face coverings (personal protective equipment or “”PPE”) in our facilities.
  • Our staff wear gloves and personal protective gear; they wipe down donor-touched areas often and after every collection using a disinfectant.
  • Staff use sterile, single-use collection sets for each donor and scrub the donor’s arm for 30 seconds before the collection.
  • We are requiring staff to self-monitor, including temperature checks, to ensure they are healthy before arriving to work.
  • Staff who don’t feel well are required to stay home.
  • In addition to the vigorous FDA-mandated testing of all blood components donated, LifeStream staff follows rigorous safety and sterilization protocol within our mobile and fixed donation centers. This is part of our commitment to our

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