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Summer Events

Planning Summer Events

Are you planning a summer event? Whether a company picnic, summer BBQ, 4th of July, or Labor Day event, there are many different factors to consider and things you should know when planning celebrations in the summer. Luckily, Event Solutions has been throwing parties for over 30 years and knows exactly what it takes!

Weather & Summer Events

Tips for the Hot Summer Sun

Living in Southern California, Las Vegas, NV or Dallas, TX, you are extremely blessed with gorgeous weather. However, this can sometimes become a challenge for your summer parties. 100+ degree summer days are common in these areas and while the reliable sunny weather may be great for planning outdoor events, it also can make them dangerous. Summer events should provide plenty of shade, water, and cool ways to avoid serious sunburns, dehydration, heat stroke, and overall a bad time.

Sizzling Summer? Cool Ideas for a Safe Successful Celebration:

Be Sure To Bring In:
– A Professional Planner
– First Aid Stations
– Security & Trained Staff
– Misting Tents
– Extra Beverage Areas
– Umbrella Tables
– Large Cooling Fans
– Extra Tents & Shading
– Generators for Coolers
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– Personal Misting Fans
– Neck Coolers
– Folding Fans
– Coolers
– Sun Block
– Lunch Packs
– Beach Gear
– Picnic Baskets
– Super Soakers
– Waterproof Cameras
– Paddle Boards
Cool Beverages
– Ice Water
– Fresh Ice Tea
– Lemonade
– Pink Lemonade
– Strawberry Lemonade
– Bottled Water
– Horchata
– Smoothies
– Slush Drinks
– Sangria
– Margaritas
– Draft Beer
– Mojitos
– Punches
Icy Treats
– Snow Cones
– Ice Cream Bar
– Fresh Fruit Salad
– Shaved Italian Ice
– Popsicle Treats
– Watermelon Slices
– Novelty Ice Cream
Water Games
– Executive Bullseye
– Water Balloon Toss
– Wet Sponge Relay
– Plug the Pipe
– Bucket Brigade
– Water Balloon Volleyball
– Build-A-Boat Race
– Get Wet Hot Potato
– Squirt Gun Water Race
– Over / Under
– Beer Pong Battle Ship
– Water Obstacle Course
– Alka-Seltzer Fizz
– Wet “Bucket Head” Toss
– Giant Foam Twister
– Inflatable Water Slides
– Real Dunk Tanks
Other Fun Entertainment Ideas
– Paint Me Slip & Slide
– Fun Carnival Rides
– Zip Lines
– Gaming Trucks (with A.C.!)

Location, Location, Location

Arguably, there is no better outdoor venue for a company outing in Dallas than the Arboretum and Botanical Gardens or The Strip in Las Vegas. In Southern California, Bonelli Park and Whittier Narrows are popular event locations in the summer because they have plenty of large trees for shade. However, all of these venues book fast. If your date is not available, don’t worry. Our event production team will help you find the next best site. And if your location needs a bit more shelter tents and umbrella tables can be brought in. Our company can even bring in tents with misting systems to make sure your guests remain comfortable and happy throughout your entire celebration. The beach is always a cool location for a summer party for obvious reasons (what better place for a company outing on a hot summer day?!).

Want to make sure your food and drinks stay cold and fresh? Either make sure the event has plenty of ice on hand and that it remains cool in the shade, or bring in appliances (such as freezers) and the compressors for electricity. Depending on the event location, amenities, size, menu options, and how hot of a summer day it is, we may need to provide a combination of both.

Our company believes that we should risk nothing to chance, so in the small chance your guests may need it, we have trained staff including first aid stations. We always suggest having enough drinks, plenty of water, and sunscreen. Being that we are fully insured, we can offer a COI (Copy of Insurance) for your company, as well as an additional insurance binder, which will release your company from any liability. If you are planning on planning your event without a professional, you may be putting your company at risk. Let us give you a free quote.

Fabulous Indoor Alternatives for Outdoor Outings

The whole point of a summer outing is for it to be fun and enjoyable. If you’re worried that the unbearable summer heat may ruin your party it may be time to start thinking of some indoor alternatives. How about throwing your celebration at a beautiful indoor venue, but with glass windows looking out to the ocean. This way you get the view and feel of an outdoor event, while staying cool and comfortable with air conditioning.

For SoCal residents, the Los Angeles California Science Center and Santa Ana Discovery Science Center are some of our most popular indoor locations and great alternatives to an outdoor venue. Las Vegas is riddled with indoor options like casinos and attractions. In the Dallas – Fort-Worth area we love working with the Addison Conference Center. Let our destination management teams in Vegas or Dallas find venues for your company outing. We even have a wide range on indoor venues and/or can bring in tents with A/C to transform any location (even your own parking lot!).

Still have your heart set on an outdoor location because of the many gorgeous parks and beaches? Our event designers can create that same atmosphere in your indoor venue! Through decor, entertainment, and even the catering, your indoor venue will still feel like a great summer outing. Our business can bring in sand, umbrellas, beach decor, beer, and delicious BBQ to make your next indoor party feel like you’re right on the beach!

Distract Your Guests From the Summer Heat with Hot Entertainment

At your next summer celebration, distract your guests from the hot summer heat with amazing live music, fun games, inflatables, and incredible entertainment. Your guests will be having so much fun that they will forget about the heat all together. Our most popular entertainment includes interactive & inflatables, carnival rides & games, game leaders & DJs, face painters, and caricature artists & fortune tellers.

Our company believes that your next summer celebration should be enjoyed with interactive games and cool entertainment. Not only are they an absolute blast, but they bring your guests together and engage everyone of all ages. Specifically for outdoor summer events, we love playing water games and including water slides as a great way to cool your guests!

Summer Events Should be Cool, Inflatable Water Slides

Our Coolest Interactive Games Are…

  • WATER BALLOON TOSS: Pairs Compete in an old fashioned water balloon toss to be the last pair holding an intact balloon!
  • PLUG THE PIPE: Teams race to fill pvc pipes full before all the water can escape!
  • WATER BALLOON VOLLEYBALL: Variation on the standard game of volleyball missing the “ball” so you can get wet!
  • GET WET HOT POTATO: Our version of hot potato is another traditional game, taken to a new level. Multiple balls, water balloons, or wet sponges circulate in different directions. When the music stop,s anyone holding a ball is out.
  • BUCKET BRIGADE: Two teams are formed. At the front of each team line is a bucket filled with water. At the end is an empty bucket. Teams must transport water from the full bucket to the empty one, by using a pail that has holes in it and handing it over their heads. The team that gets the most water from one end to the other in the allotted time is the winner. Great game for all ages!

Permits and Regulations to Consider

A lot goes into planning a successful summer event. While a celebration should be all about fun and games, it can unfortunately get overwhelming and challenging when you are planning it. Because most summer celebrations are held outside at parks or beaches, it will be necessary to acquire certain permits for the venue. Also, depending on where you throw your event, insurance may also be required. Have you figured out where all of your guests are going to park? Our company can bring in valet to make parking easy and convenient or help out with professionally printed signs and staff to handle parking assignments and passes.

Company BBQ Options Include Fresh Vegetarian Catering

Give Yourself a Summer Break!

We understand that it takes a lot to plan a party, so we are here to help. We take care of all of the permits, venue selection, all necessary paperwork, insurance, and regulations. Additionally, we even take care of all the tents, rentals, catering and entertainment. This summer, we want you to enjoy yourself! Call 1.800.366.0603 today so you can actually have fun at your event.  

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