Corporate Picnics, BBQs & Work/Family/Employee Outings: Planning & Catering

Corporate Picnics

Corporate Picnics & Outings

Being charged with planning corporate picnics is a huge responsibility, one we do not take lightly. Large employee outings are a lot to manage in simple terms of logistics. Just the simple act of selecting a date, time and location can become a real challenge with large groups. It is harder still to plan a corporate picnic everyone will actually want to attend.

Teamwork makes the Dream Work T Shirts at Company PicnicSo you’ve hit the internet, searched all kinds of terms like ‘corporate picnic ideas’, ‘places to have a corporate picnic’ and started to create a mental picture of what your event will be like. Maybe you’ve planned so many annual picnics that you are looking for unconventional ideas to boost attendance (and enthusiasm). Either way, we have solutions for you.

Restaurant, Amusement Park or Private Picnic?

You want to show your employees you appreciate their hard work, but the options are limitless. Do you book a private room at a local restaurant for an employees-only luncheon or take the team to the local attractions everyone’s been talking about? While any of these options are great, the one thing you should remember is that your event is a reflection of your appreciation. Your company’s culture should be the driving force behind the selection. If your company culture values family, for example, your event should reflect that.

We plan family-friendly corporate picnics by the thousands every year for the last 30 years. The one thing our picnic specialists have learned along the way is that the more inclusive of family (even the fury ones!) the better the attendance and the more appreciated the employees feel. And, by allowing family/friends, you are giving them a walking, talking reminder of your appreciation through those shared memories.

What Makes Our Company Different

After 30 years of planning corporate picnics, we understand the unique needs that you’ll face along the way. From the management of the guests to the planning of the picnic itself, we’re your partner all the way through the process. We specialize in producing events for businesses so you’ll get a event planner with a unique blend of marketing, branding and fun wrapped up in a professional package. Your dedicated event planner gets to know your company, your culture and your team to tailor your experience. Fill out the form below and they will custom create a proposal to fit your specific needs. From custom branded T-shirts for team building games to catering to foodies with particular tastes, you tell us your vision and we’ll bring it to life. The best part? We do all the work and give you all the credit!

Employees love our corporate picnics so much that companies have added them to their employee handbook!

Surf Beach Towel Team Building Game for Adults at Corporate PicnicAre You Ready to Plan an Unforgettable Corporate Picnic?

AltaMedPicnic-Family Photos from 2017 Company Picnic
Girls Rule! Girls cheering after winning a tug-of-war game.
Fun and Safe Zip Line for Children at Work Outing Event
Employees Fall Down Laughing While Playing This Company Picnic Game
Guests with various prizes after winning company picnic games.
Morongo-2015-Company Picnic Family Day
Branded Bags for Cartoon Network Seaside Company Picnic
Cup Stack Company Picnic Game at CartoonNetwork-Beach Outing
Employee and Spouse Hold Up Picture from Caricature Artist at Company Picnic
Casino Company Picnic Employees in Matching T Shirts Playing Giant Blackjack Resized
team building games at outdoor employee appreciation picnic
Group Picnic Photo with Matching Shirts

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