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Event planning and picnicking may come easy to some, but to others they may not be so thrilled to put on a gathering of a couple hundred people in the city of Paramount, Calif. That’s why you can put your trust in the expert event planners here at Event Solutions. Event production is handled by experienced professionals who are thrilled to take the pressure off your hands and entertain your cherished guests.

Our top event planners go the extra mile and help you find plan a first class event, no matter where your venue may be. Everything from site scouting, to live events and even catering is taken care of for any party size. The best part is that you don’t have to lift a finger. The next time you have an event in Paramount, think about hiring the event planners at Event Solutions.


Paramount – Home of the Hay Tree

There is more to the city of Paramount than meets the eye. The small town of Paramount is tucked away just south of Downey and north of Long Beach. Its beloved Hay Tree is a historical landmark that is remembered for its importance to the hay trading community long ago.

Characterized by residential, commercial and industrial advancements that stem from the Mexican-American community, Paramount is famous for its many restaurants catering some of the finest cuisine that praise the Mexican state of Sinaloa. This city’s small-town feel helps create a place that people can truly call home, which makes it a perfect place for outdoor picnics and events.

In the city of Paramount we can help you plan a great company picnic at one of the popular parks that everyone loves. Our scouting team has plenty of options for you to choose from as it really depends on the style and type of event that you want to have. Multi-purpose parks such as: All-American Park, Paramount Park, Progress Park, Ralph C. Dills Park and Spane Park are some of the best options that you have to choose for your next outdoor event.

Park Amenities Include:

  • Walking Trails
  • Picnic & BBQ Areas
  • Playgrounds
  • Restrooms
  • Amphitheaters

We Can Plan Your Event from Start to Finish!

If you have a company picnic, corporate event or tenant appreciation event that you need help with, Event Solutions has you covered. Our team of professionals provide everything you need to plan a first-class event. We even show you what the costs may look like before the big day. If you would like to find out more about the best venues in Paramount, just have our event planners help you find the perfect venue for your next event.

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