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Are you planning an event in Pala? We want to be your company event planner and will work with you to create an event that is both memorable and luxurious. Event planning in San Diego can be a difficult process for someone unfamiliar with the industry. Let our San Diego event planner take all the worry off your shoulders, so you can actually enjoy the event and not just worry through it. Event Solutions has more than 25 years of experience in corporate event planning and has become the premiere San Diego County event planner. Our tireless service and commitment to excellence is personified by our event planner coordinator.

Pala was known for its mineral resources, including gold and tourmaline. Numerous gem mines were established in 1890s, of which more than twenty are listed in the Mindat database. Gem mines in the Pala District still produce tourmaline, with the pink variety as the regional specialty. China’s Dowager Empress Cixi of Qing Dynasty highly prized the pink tourmaline mined in Pala. Under her influence, China’s appetite for this gem created a boom in the California tourmaline industry after 1902, particularly at the Himalaya mine, ending in 1911, shortly after the Empress died in 1908. Pala was the site where morganite beryl was first discovered. It was also discovered in 1902 as the first commercially significant deposit of kunzite, named after George F. Kunz, the godfather of gemology.