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Catering in North Hills is simple as one phone call. Our Party Planners in North Hills will bring you the best event catering in Los Angeles. With love, care and attention to detail,your next Company Picnic in North Hills, Social Party or Corporate Event in North Hills  will be made funEvent Planning in Los Angeles has been our passion and drive for over twenty years now. We would love to bring that experience to make your company picnic planning process the way it should be: easy and fun.

In 1992, residents of the half west of the San Diego Freeway voted successfully to secede from the east in order to create the new community of North Hills. Sometime thereafter the value of apartment buildings and other rental properties between the San Diego Freeway and Sepulveda Boulevard fell. In 2008, management companies lobbied the City of Los Angeles to change the name of Sepulveda to North Hills. Thus, Sepulveda was annexed to North Hills. As a compromise to the residents of the original North Hills, the City of Los Angeles formed a new neighborhood of “North Hills West” which begins west of the 405 freeway and goes to Bull Creek/Balboa and from Roscoe to Devonshire.

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