Nike Running's Seaside Team Building Outing in Long Beach, CA

Nike Running’s Team Building Outing

Paddleboarding Party at the Beach

On April 21, 2018, Nike employees traded in their running shoes for water shoes. For their spring team-building outing, Nike Running partnered with Event Solutions to prepare a paddleboard party at the beach followed by cocktail hour around the campfire.

Company Outing Team Building Experience at the Beach Stand Up Paddle Board Apr 21, 3 37 09 PM 980 by 412

Running Right on Time

The day began at Viceroy Santa Monica, where Nike employees boarded the private shuttle arranged to transport them to their first outing of the day; a Stand Up Paddle Experience. The group arrived at Mother’s Beach just after lunch for a safety demonstration before skimming off across the pristine waters of the bay.

Nike Running Copany Outing Stand Up Paddle Board Experience at Mothers Beach on Apr 21, 3 31 25 PM 980 by 412

Employees explored the ocean life off the coast of California with a mini-tour. Laughter was all around as team members learned to balance out of their comfort zone. Naturally, team building happens in these moments, but in honor of the sportswear company’s culture, we planned for a little friendly competition. Teams were split into 6 and giant paddle boards were provided for the wet relay race of the year!

Team Building Paddle Board Company Outing at Mothers Beach on Apr 21, 3 33 07 PM 980 by 412

No company outing at the beach is complete without tossing around a volleyball to your teammates. Sand, surf, and sun are the perfect additions to any team building experience!

Nike Running Paddleboard Party at the Beach Apr 21, 3 49 23 PM 980 by 412

S’more Love for Nike Employees

After the team shared the stand-up paddle experience, they were then transported to Marina del Rey for cocktails. With a little help from our event manager, Burton Chace Park was transformed into a private dinner reception. 10×10 tents, drapes, and canopies turned the open space of the park into Nike’s private venue. Our mobile kitchen prepped and cooked fresh right on site over a real wood-burning grill. Greeting guests was the smell of succulent Tri-Tip, sweet and savory BBQ chicken and under it all the smell of campfire.

Campfire Smores for Nike Running Employee Event Apr 21, 5 28 34 PM 980 by 412

Corn cobbettes, seasoned grilled veggies, and other catered picnic favorites were beautifully presented in polished stainless steel chafers. The blue of the canopy glistened in the mirror shine. Crisp, clean white tablecloths lined the buffet tables. Even the s’mores buffet was beautifully presented! Food was served without delay by multiple stations to avoid long lines (and hungry employees!).

Catered Outing at the Park for Nike Team Building Event on Apr 21, 4 52 12 PM 980 by 412

As guest enjoyed dinner, the full-bar was free-flowing. Unlimited beverage options included top-shelf spirits such as Grey Goose vodka, Johnnie Red scotch, Gordon’s gin, Jack Daniels whiskey, High West Double Rye bourbon, Bacardi rum and so much more. With hotel arrangements already made and California Excursions handling transportation, guests were free to enjoy themselves.

With a full belly and icy drink in hand, Nike employees gathered around the campfire for s’more love and activities. The Giant Jenga was stacked high. Employees enjoyed outbuilding each other one block at a time. For added instability, these competition loving employees added a twist to the tower!

Another Victory for Nike

As the sunset over the ocean, Nike Running’s employees grew closer. The smiles and photos shared at this company outing are as unforgettable and as valuable as their favorite swoosh logo.

Sunset over Nike Team Building Company Outing for Nike Employees on Apr 21, 7 38 04 PM 980 by 412

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