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Garden Grove - Orange County - California

Planning Garden Grove Party & Events


Garden Grove is a fully incorporated city located in northern Orange County, about 35 miles south of Los Angeles.Easter Egg Hunt at Grape Harbor Park, Calabasas

Conveniently located within Orange County’s diverse network of cities and suburbs, Garden Grove has a population of approximately 170,000 residents (as of 2010 US Census). It is one of Orange County’s largest cities, and one of its most diverse as well, both ethnically and socioeconomically.

Given this mixture of cultures, backgrounds, and interests, Garden Grove is an excellent locale to schedule your next corporate event! For residents and visitors’ convenience, the Garden Grove Freeway runs directly through the city from east to west. Its facilities, along with its prime Orange County location, make it a high-quality destination for all your event needs.

Garden Grove Event Facilities

Garden Grove’s event facilities are varied and unique. If you’re considering a company picnic, for example, there are a wide variety of public parks to choose from.

Company Event Venues in Garden Grove:

  • Atlantis Play Center is a several-acre outdoor facility with multiple playgrounds for children. The concrete dragon climbing statues are great for older kids to play on and enjoy. This park also boasts its own water feature for interactive fun in the sun! This is child-friendly zone, and adults are not allowed into the park without a child. We’ve used Atlantis Play Center several times and had all the details on this venue.
  • Magnolia Park is a smaller park with built-in fitness equipment and sports facilities, including a baseball diamond and basketball court
  • Community Center Park is another several-acre outdoor facility with a gorgeous pond for strolling around and enjoying
  • Faylane Park is located directly next to an elementary school and has additional sports facilities
  • Haster Basin is a recently-updated facility which contains a rainfall reservoir, walking trails, and local greenery

With a wide variety of diversity, Garden Grove is a great place for your next event no matter what.

Let a Leading Corporate Events Company Lead the Way

Don’t let your event be ho-hum; let the leading corporate events company turn it into a night to remember. We’re your corporate event planner, so keep us on speed dial for all your event planning needs. We understand that Orange County event planning takes time and effort that you may not have time for as a busy professional. That’s where we come in!

Our event planner coordinator knows all the hot spots and decorative tips and tricks to dazzle your employees and customers, no matter what! Contact us today.

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