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Siren Studios and Siren at Orange – Hollywood

The Perfect Event Destination

Siren Studios was created in 2006 as a place for photographers and filmmakers to use for photo shoots and as an equipment rental. It’s a massive event facility in Los Angeles that has become a much sought after venue not only for photo shoots, but also for private and corporate events. Siren Studios and Siren at Orange is a massive 6,500 square foot studio and includes 1,000 square feet of private hair and makeup, wardrobe and VIP lounge. It also includes a 1,000 square foot loft with dining and lounge area.

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Why We Love Siren Studios

What makes Siren Studios and Siren at Orange such a great party event venue is its versatility. It’s designed to handle the small and large scale decorative needs of photographers and is a blank state for events and parties. Our event planners can take your ideas and needs and make them a reality using the many riggings and abilities of the studio.

Event Planning Made Easy

Event Solutions’ party coordinators have worked to create a trusted and respected relationship with the management at Siren Studios and Siren at Orange. The venue is designed for creativity and vision and our event planners are skilled in both. The management enjoys seeing the unique and show stopping designs we create for this amazing venue. The only limit at Siren Studios and Siren at Orange is your imagination. Our party event planners can turn your dream and your vision into a reality.

Garage transformed into a beautiful corporate event space

Leave it to the Pros!

Need help booking this location? We got you covered. Need awesome catering, gorgeous design, and amazing entertainment? We got that handled too. Check us out to see what we’re all about! Contact us online or call us direct to get started.

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