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If you are thinking about planning a company picnic or other corporate event in Long Beach, you’ve come to the right place. We are a full-service event planning company with over 30 years of experience. We are not “party planners”, but partners to your company dedicated to planning and promoting your corporate event. What does that mean to you? That means you’ll get professional event planning services that won’t fall short of expectations no matter what your party needs. We work with the venues, vendors, caterers, staff (our own, venue’s or yours) and even guests on your behalf to plan, manage, and produce your event within budget.

Company Team Building Event in Long Beach

Unlike the so-called “event planners” at hotels and other venues, our team is dedicated throughout the entire process- not just the day-of. Imagine how much smoother this whole planning process would be if you only had to make one phone call to get an update on any aspect from location to guest invites and RSVPs to entertainment and food. Even ordering custom printed banners, signs and T-shirts! One phone call and you’ll get everything you’ll need to make your company picnic, company Christmas party, annual conference or another type of corporate event happen. No matter what your event needs, we’ve got the solution.

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We’ve worked in Long Beach for so long, we know all the best locations (see below for our favorite Long Beach locations). If you are having a company picnic in Long Beach, El Dorado Park (both East and West) offers large outdoor areas for large groups. Many of our clients use El Dorado Park for their annual picnics. We’ve brought in many different picnic entertainment shows and activities such as zip lines, live band, inflatables, giant slides, carnival games, rides and more. Our on-site BBQ catering fills the entire area with the sweet smells of summer. This park is massive with two main sections, West and East.

Company BBQ Options Include Fresh Vegetarian Catering

One of our other favorite locations for a company picnic, outdoor event, or summer celebration is Granada Beach. Granada Beach is unique in that it is a private beach, which gives our company the opportunity to bring in alcohol, music, and all rentals and entertainment to make your party a total success! Granada Beach also has great parking and is in the perfect location, right between Orange County and Los Angeles County, making this an excellent location for commuters!

Employee and Family with Inflatables at Herbalife 2016 Beach Picnic


Our company picnic specialists will ensure everyone finds their way to your group picnic area with professionally printed signs and informative maps (we provide maps to park management to pass out at the gates) for your employees. Because of the open nature of any park, we also provide friendly security and registration staff to help ensure you and your guests get to enjoy your day. Our company picnic planners also have 30 years experience planning layouts that add structure and flow to an otherwise open area. Use them to create your very own amusement park or have them manage your employee appreciation event at an amusement park!

Indoor/outdoor or something in-between, our event planners can help you find the perfect location in Long Beach.

1-Phoenix TV Corporate Anniversary Event

Our Favorite Long Beach Parks, Venues & Event Locations

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El Dorado Park West
El Dorado Park East
Gemmrig Park
Shoreline Aquatic Park
Granada Beach
Queen Mary Events
Rainbow Lagoon
Marina Greens
Beach Houses
Country Clubs
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