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Redondo Beach Castle – Redondo Beach

About The Redondo Beach Castle

Located in Redondo Beach, the Redondo Beach Castle, is one of the most elegant and eclectic party event venues out there. Owned by world-class magicians Brian Gills and Sisuephan, it is filled with magic memorabilia, and they regularly perform shows for adults and children at the castle. It’s a wonderful venue for private parties and receptions, and you can even get the owners to perform for you. Event Solutions has worked with the Redondo Beach Castle many times, and a vibe of fun and enjoyment permeates every aspect of the massive home.

They have spared no expense to transform the “castle” into a place filled truly with magic and wonder. You’ll be transported to a time when magic ruled your imagination, and you never knew what adventure was beyond the next corner. Event Solutions’ event and party planners have worked hard to create a unique and trusted relationship with the owners of Redondo Beach Castle. It’s not just a venue, but their home and they’re opening it up to you and us for the event of your life. We respect the venue and their home, and it has endeared us as a trusted party planner. Learn more about Redondo Beach Castle.

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