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Barker Hangar - 3021 Airport Avenue, Suite 203, Santa Monica, California

Excellent Venue for All Kinds of Events

Interested in Santa Monica’s Barker Hanger? Excellent Choice! This is one of our favorite Santa Monica locations as it is unique and full of opportunities for a significant transformation, following your vision! Designing events for over 30 years, we know the ins and outs of the Barker Hanger and would love to assist you with all your event planning needs! Learn more about this venue by reading on below.
Herbalife Party at Hangar 8
Located on the south side of Santa Monica Airport, the 35,000 square foot hangar is home to one of the most massive stages in the area. It’s an enormous edifice ready to take on the most significant charity ball and gala or corporate Christmas party. We can even bring in specialists to set up for a video to turn your company party into a commercial or other marketing material. After all, unlike other party planning companies, we know that your event is more than just a party- it is a business investment. Our corporate party planner can get you the hottest entertainment or celebrity speakers to make your event stand out like no other. The premiere party and event destination is The Barker Hangar, and Event Solution has developed a close and unique relationship with the venue to ensure your special events and company parties are unforgettable.

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The Barker Hangar is known for its versatility. The 35,000 square foot hangar is like a blank canvas ready for you and our event planning and production specialist to create a masterpiece of a function. It also sports an additional 6,000 square feet of dressing, production and conference rooms. In total, there are more than 97,000 square feet of usable internal and external space available.  It’s perfect for large-scale catering services, and we can offer a full menu as well as themes (both popular and unique to you).

Some of the excellent amenities of this venue include:

  • Indoor capacity comprises 1,600 for sit-down dinner and 3,000 for stand-up or bleacher seating.
  • Majestic 43 foot vaulted ceilings perfect for setting up sound systems and large-scale decorations.
  • The venue does not have a kitchen facility, but our company can provide a complete kitchen set up for your event that can create a vast menu and feed everyone promptly.
  • Parking is available for 75 vehicles and ample space for truck loading and unloading.
  • Hater can provide 208/180 volt 3 phase power from transformers and can handle even elaborate concert power needs.

Call a Company that Can Coordinate it All!

Event Solutions has worked with The Barker Hangar for years and have helped to create some of the most amazing parties, corporate events, award shows and more using this magnificent facility. We are so excited to work with you to create an unbelievable party for your special celebration! But first, take the first step in creating something incredible by giving us a call.

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