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Verdugo Park – 1621 Canada Blvd, Glendale

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Looking for a great venue for your upcoming company picnic or other outdoor event? Verdugo Park, located in Glendale, is an amazing location. Featuring a ball field, basketball court, kids play area, horseshoe court, skate park, and plenty of parking, this park is ideal for family-friendly and kid-friendly parties. With picnic areas and other special facilities, Verdugo Park is ideal for employee picnics and outdoor barbecues. Their covered picnic area offers ample shade for your guests and is perfect for our on-site catering. We love this park because it has lots of open grass areas, great for team-building games, inflatables, and entertainment.

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Why We Love Verdugo Park

One of the largest parks in Glendale, Verdugo Park has tons of open space lined with grass and trees. With rentals, tents, entertainment, catering, and decor this park can completely get transformed to exactly what you are looking for. This park is absolutely beautiful and creates a tranquil and carefree atmosphere. When it comes to hot summer days, their trees create amazing shade to protect your guests.

Verdugo Park Offers the Following Amenities:

  • Shaded Picnic Areas
  • Open grass Areas for Picnic Entertainment
  • Sycamore Trees for Shade
  • Ample Parking
  • Skate Park
  • Baseball Field
  • Kids Area
  • Hiking Trails

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