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Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort and Marina

1131 Back Bay Dr., Newport Beach

Looking at Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort and Marina to host your next special event? Trust us, we know what it takes to successful throw an unbelievable, beautiful, and fun event in Newport Beach. Our company, Event Solutions, has worked with Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort and Marina for many years now and we have the resources, relationships, and creativity to pull off something amazing.

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Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort and Marina

Be dazzled by the beauty and grandeur of Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort and Marina in Newport Beach. The 110-acre resort has a bevy of native plants and animals on display at the Back Bay Nature Preserve and the Newport Bay Conservancy. Enjoy more than a mile of beach with waterpark, swimming and a playground for kids. It’s the ideal place for your corporate event, picnic or even company anniversary party.

Our favorite parts about this location include…

            • Advanced RV with 292 Spots as well as 24 Cottages
            • Beach with Waveless Swimming Lagoon
            • Back Bay Bistro Restaurant
            • Pool, Spa, Marketplace and Laundry
            • Kayak and Sailboat Rentals and Lessons
            • Bike and Gold Cart Lessons

Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort and Marina is fun for all ages. There are always events going on throughout the year and there are plenty of venues for business meetings and other events. Our event planners can provide tenting and other amenities to help make things more comfortable. Tents provide shading from the heat and provides structure to an otherwise open area. With 30 years of experience, we know how to make your next event spectacular!

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Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort and Marina is the ideal spot for a variety of events and parties of all types. Event Solutions’ party event coordinators have a special relationship with the management of Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort and Marina. There are many rules associated with outdoor venues and we have a reputation for leaving them in better shape than when we came.

Watch One of Our Company Picnics at the Beach

Plan Your Newport Dunes Outing With Event Solutions!

Our commitment to professionalism shines in everything that we do. We take your party very seriously and want it to blow your expectations away. After all, we are here to make you look good and give you all the credit! Partner with our company to make sure your Newport Dunes Beach event is amazing!

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