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LaDera Linda Park - 32201 Forrestal Drive, Rancho Palos Verdes

Event Solutions company picnic specialists have worked with LaDera Linda Park for years and helped to create some of the most amazing parties, corporate events, company picnics and more using this magnificent venue. We know how to take advantage of every inch of open space in this massive venue for BBQ and beverage catering, entertainment, and much more.

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LaDera Linda Park is a former elementary school that has been transformed into a municipal park for everyone to enjoy. Amenities include:

    • Paddle Tennis Courts
    • Tot lot
    • Playground
    • Basketball Court

The park is also home to the Discovery Room, a museum that features live and static exhibits of local plants and animals as well as historical information. For family reunions and other events, there is a multipurpose room available for rent. The park boasts beautiful view of the ocean and coastline. When it comes to press releases, a park is filled with a naturally picturesque landscape that is perfect for lasting memories. There is always plenty of room for guests and catering companies can even bring portable kitchens, so food can be prepared on site.

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Our professional event planners can provide tenting and other amenities to help make things more comfortable. Tents provide shading from the heat and provides structure to an otherwise open area. LaDera Linda Park is the ideal spot for a variety of events and parties of all types. Event Solutions’ party event coordinators have a special relationship with the management of LaDera Linda Park. There are many rules associated with outdoor venues and we have a reputation for leaving them in better shape than when we came.