Picnic & Event Venues Locations: Huntington State Beach

Huntington State Beach - 1601 Pacific Coast Highway

The Perfect Beach Destination

Want to dazzle your guests with an unbelievable destination for their company outing? Want to know the best way to do this? Create a tailored experience that celebrates your team at the perfect getaway location: Huntington Beach. The gorgeous sand, water, catering, entertainment, and themed decor will absolutely blow your guests away.

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Fun in the Sun

Huntington State Beach is an ideal venue for a company picnic, summer barbecue, or any other outdoor event. Huntington Beach and Orange County offers both park and beach areas that can be rented for any private party. Huntington State Beach itself includes shaded ramadas with picnic tables, volleyball courts, and fire pits. It can accommodate large number of guests and has plenty of parking. The sand area can also be rented to have your celebration right by the water (or incorporate the ocean into your event with Surf Lessons, Water Team Building Games and more).

bigfoot racing team building game at the beach

Huntington State Beach offers the following amenities:

      • Rentable Group Areas Right on the Sand
      • Shaded Ramadas with Picnic Benches
      • Grass Group Picnic Areas
      • Volleyball Courts
      • Fire Pits
      • Ample Parking
      • Accessible Restrooms
      • The Beauty of the California Coastline!

Watch One of Our Beach Picnics

Why Huntington State Beach

Huntington SB is the site of a nesting sanctuary for the California least tern, a rare and endangered species and the threatened snowy plover. This makes it perfect for companies whose corporate culture and values include environmentalism and nature. The park also features a bicycle trail as well as surfing, skating and surf fishing.

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There is something special about throwing beach events. The gorgeous ocean and incredible weather automatically put people in happy moods, making people want to celebrate. However, it also means more work as you have to figure out how to keep your food and drinks cool and fresh, seating for your guests, and parking is always a challenge. So let us help you out! Throwing parties for over 30 years, we have the experience, creativity, and resources to make your next beach party unbelievable. Call 1.800.366.0603 today to hear how.

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