Hart Park - Orange, CA Popular Group Picnic Areas for Company Picnic

Hart Park, Orange

Hart Park- Orange, CA

Hart Park is the perfect location for a company picnic in Orange, CA for a number of reasons. With 40 acres of prime parkland, Hart Park offers plenty of room and amenities to bring in inflatables and setup fun team building games. This outdoor area also has two structured playground areas for small children for family-friendly events. The lighted baseball fields are popular for spring/fall company baseball games. They are also used as part of our team building activities for adults. What makes this park such a hit for summer events is the outdoor swimming pool and a built in band-shell for live bands and/or stage shows. Generally the group picnic areas can seat 30-700 guests. If you need more seating, our company picnic specialists can handle any additional party rentals you may need.

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We can also build a kitchen on-site and BBQ over a real wood fire right in front of your guests. This park does have a number of rules and regulations, including specifics on permits, that you will need to know. Our team of picnic planners and caters have over 30 years experience planning events for businesses like yours. Let us help you with the details in securing the venue, planning and setting up your corporate event.

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Planning an Event at Hart Park

Hart Park is a very popular company picnic location; it and the City of Orange require specific permits for group events. Depending on the type of event, number of guests and type of entertainment/actives you are having at Hart Park, you may be required to acquire several permits. This includes the use of bouncers and other entertainment and catering services.  With any large park there are a few details to watch out for like conflicting events and the overcrowding they cause. Be sure to check the park’s scheduled maintenance events as well. You don’t want to plan your picnic or team building event the same day they are mowing the lawns! Why go through the hassle of securing park permits, party rentals and hiring several companies when your company picnic can be handled by one company? We don’t want you to stress over the details. With Event Solutions 5-star services you can relax and…

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