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International Economic Conference

Coordinating Cooperation

A Business Conference Dedicated to China-US Economic Cooperation

ICBC - Paparazzi Greets VIP Guests in Los Angeles for China-US International Economic Conference
We all love to be celebrated as a VIP. That’s why we rolled out the red carpet for the US-China cooperation talks at this year’s economic conference. After all, with 18 VIP guests and significant keynote speakers including president appointees like LA native Mr. Michael D. Antonovich and Asian Awards “Business Leader of the Year” recipient Mr. Jiang Jianqing, you roll out the reddest of carpets and call the paparazzi.

ICBC-Conference at Downtown Los Angeles hotel

It feels exhilarating to be apart of an international effort to bring reform through further cooperation between China and the United States. Destination meeting events like these are some of the most rewarding, and complex, types of functions we manage.  As if to make the economic conference more complicated for our team, we shared the day and city with the Emmy Awards.

More Than Just Event Management

It all started with a phone call and conversation. Organizers Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited (ICBC), one of China’s leading banks with 400 oversea branches in 41 counties and regions, and Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC), a non-profit organization dedicated to businesses and jobs for the LA area, hosted this global business forum right here in Downtown Los Angeles at the Ritz-Carlton.

ICBC Moderator and Panelists pose for our professional photographer

Our event managers started coordination of this event well ahead of the date of the economic conference. After the hotel selection was made by the event organizers, our team took over. They were busy coordinating with the hotel staff for the entire event including; management of the hotel catering staff, adding additional lighting and bringing together all the vendors and rental supplies needed to not only impress the conference guests but to make everything run smoothly. And they did it all with smiles on their faces to encourage a pleasant atmosphere for the conference and reform talks. We even had cookies and candy with tea time to ensure no hungry bellies prevented smooth conversations.

ICBC 16 by 9 foot projection screen set up and take down services by Event Solutions

A 16 by 9-foot projection screen was assembled on-site along with a 40 by 28-foot stage. Our videographer alternated both close-up and far shots live on a 16 by 9-foot projection screen to allow their hundreds of guests to be able to see the key speakers even if their view was obstructed. To ensure that all guests communicate well throughout the event, we provided translators on-site to translate both in English and Mandarin through translation headsets.

ICBC-On Site Translators for downtown LA conference

We provided not one, but two photographers to cover the conference. One was stationed at the red carpet entrance at a snap n repeat to greet guests like the stars they are. The Platinum Ballroom was installed with exquisite décor, harmonious lighting, and clear visuals to allow everyone to engage with the keynote speakers comfortably. We even brought in extra lighting and a videographer to capture it all for those who could not attend in person.

ICBC-picture of guests at China-US International Economic Conference in los angeles

As the utilization of RMB in trade financing and transactions around the world continue to evolve, it is essential to understand the effects this would have on the global perspective. Providing such a unique and comfortable setting for our guests was an honor, and a pleasure to see unfold, as the renowned China experts, CEOs and representatives network and discuss the recent market developments and accomplishments.

ICBC- China-US Conference in LA , event management services by ES in Santa Monica

At 9:45 a.m. guests were allowed to take an impromptu tea break and network while our team reconfigured the stage for the panel discussion. Our event coordinators worked effortlessly to serve the honored attendees their tea, as well as swiftly redecorate the stage with six luxurious lounge chairs for the panelists.

ICBC-centerpieces at los angeles conference

Panelist Discussion: The Floor is Yours

At the top of the hour, guests returned to their seats, and the six panelists were welcomed to the stage. The panelists, led by moderator Sonja Gibbs director of Capital Markets, included global economist Jay Bryson, president of CBRE Lewis C. Horne, president of Americas Design Consulting at AECOM Tom Bishop, head of Cross-Border RMB Business Management Division Su Hui, and partner & leader of China Business Network Alan Chu. The group discussed the results of the unique year that was had and was followed by an open question and answer segment to examine the impact of RMB internationalization on China-U.S. economic cooperation. Our staff was marked on both the left and right sides of the stage to walk up to the guests with a microphone in hand to have their questions heard and answered.

luxurious lounge chairs for the panelists, staging and setup done by ES event management team

Hosting a Conference in the USA?

Solution: Catering, Coordinators & Managers Under One Roof

We know that every corporate event is unique, but our philosophy remains the same: to provide every client with the best catering, expert coordination, design, and extra attention to detail needed for successful conference, product launch or other corporate event. Our event managers always find themselves in a position to succeed by understanding any custom idea that requires modification and coordination. The economic conference in LA was one for the record books, and we can’t wait to do it again next year. No matter how large or small the event, our ability to work with you does not hold us back from coordinating the best showcase possible for you and your business.

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