Ideas For Your Corporate Award Ceremony | 3 Ways to Enhance Award Parties

Ideas For Your Award Ceremony

3 Ways to Enhance Award Ceremonies

As the leader of your corporation, it is your job to help your employees feel acknowledged for the hard work they do each day. Corporate award ceremonies can be a great way to do just that. Here are some fun ideas to enhance your next corporate award ceremony.

Staged Employee Award Ceremony in Los Angeles

Celebrate Your Team

Award ceremonies don’t have to just be about handing out awards. They can be a great opportunity for your employees to get to know one another better and build the overall team mentality of your business. It can be a great idea to make your award ceremony a corporate retreat. This way you can create a whole weekend of activities that will help your employees get to know each other better and learn to work well in team activities.

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Plan a Field Day, Picnic or Party

One way is through corporate field days, and they can be a great way to bring out a competitive side of your workforce while helping them work together towards a bigger goal. Take, for example, the films of the 80s that showcase the ideal company picnic, where employees train hard in order to master the events against (or with) fellow co-workers. This is just what your corporate field day can be like, and it will give you the opportunity to hand out a whole new set of customized awards for their physical achievements as well.

Team Building Games at Family Friendly Company Picnic at Griffith Park

Another way to build camaraderie and strengthen loyalty to your company is through competitive trivia. This is perfect for those who may be less physically inclined, and you can enrich the employees in your company with questions pertaining to your company’s brand and image. These could include questions related to the organization’s mission statement or corporate values, and you could use the questions to see how familiar your employees are with your business’s goals and culture. Learn more on how to brand your brand at events.

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Rewarding Awards

When planning a corporate award ceremony, it is important to include all of your employees. You can create fun and silly awards for all different types of employees. An award for “Most Memes Sent to Fellow Employees” could be one of them. One could also be, “Most Time Spent in the Breakroom” could be another one. Allow your employees to submit funny categories prior to the event. Add the top categories to your digital RSVP so employees can vote for each other. Finally, your event manager can have professionally made awards to give out the day of your ceremony.

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Wear Them Proudly

When you are giving out awards at your ceremony, you need to make sure that the awards you give out aren’t generic or general. It is important that you choose award manufacturers who will be able to customize each award. If you want to make your employees feel really special, give awards that match their personalities. Customizable Award Pins are an economical way to celebrate multiple employees’ accomplishments since they are small and don’t cost too much. There are plenty of manufactures online who will help you pick the best awards to hand out on your day of the ceremony. Giving different custom pins to employees based on certain milestones will also be an inexpensive and fun way to commemorate time spent with the company and other important milestones which employees have accomplished.

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