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Ice Sculpture

Ice Sculpture

Ice Sculpture The art of ice sculpting is a form of sculpture in which ice is used as the raw material. As related to the event planning industry, ice sculptures are used as centerpieces or decorative pieces within a venue. The art form itself is actually taught within culinary schools as it has become a large part of catering. Ice sculptures are created from a large block of ice using tools such as a chisels specifically designed for cutting ice. Ice sculptures will obviously melt depending on the environment in which they are contained so they should be placed on top of a plate or other surface that can hold excess water. Many shapes and designs can be created in ice sculpture such as:

  • Swans
  • Flowers
  • Birds
  • Hearts
  • Faces
  • Monuments
  • Animals
  • Logos
  • Words

When beginning to create an ice sculpture make sure that you use boiled water because it is more likely to produce bubble free transparent ice which is ideal for sculpting.