Explore Your Company Culture: 10 Ideas for Your Next Corporate Event

Explore Your Culture

10 Ways to Explore Your Company Culture

A strong company culture is the key to a successful business. It is the personality of your company, your mission, values, and goals for the future. So how do you explore your company culture while nurturing employees and boosting morale? Here at Event Solutions, we believe that it is with team-building and discovery-focused events.

While there are all types of ideas out there, below are our tried and proven ones you should try at your next corporate event…

1. VR Games

Experiencing something new and exciting always bonds people together. Take your party to another dimension and with the newest tech to the event planning industry. VR headsets make games so immersive you’ll forget which reality is virtual. The perfect corporate  entertainment, VR games are virtual reality simulators and interactive games perfect for themed events. Imagine full-size space simulators for an out-of-this-world party or a virtual reality surfing installation for a luau-themed picnic!

VR Games at Corporate Events

2. Headliner Acts

Headliner acts like live bands, comedians, or magicians brings your employees out of work mode and into fun and party mode! Employees will dance, laugh, and be amazed… together. They will develop friendships apart from being coworkers and that will translate back into your business. We love headliner acts for company holiday parties and New Year’s celebrations. What a fun way to start the new year!

Live Band Playing on Stage at AltaMed Conference 2016

3. Corporate Potluck

To get to know employees and management better, plan a day at the office for a potluck where employees must bring dishes from their heritage, childhood, or family recipes. By making it personal you’ll create a more family atmosphere rather than just another day at work. It also serves as a great conversation starter.

Catering at Daylight 40th Anniversary Family Friendly Event

4. Scavenger Hunt

Just moved warehouses or moved to a new office building? Plan an awesome scavenger hunt! Perfect for grand opening events, have employees and families explore their new facility in a fun and cheerful way. Have questions and clues related to your company’s mission and reward employees with amazing prizes. Let us help create your scavenger hunt, or find printable templates here.

Overview Shot at Daylight 40th Anniversary Family Friendly Event

5. Game Show Night

When celebrating amazing milestones for your business like a corporate anniversary, a game show night can be a creative way to celebrate your company and employees. Use company trivia to acknowledge hardworking employees and accomplished goals. This can be set up both indoors and outdoors equipped with a full stage and sound system. We’ll be sure to bring some cool prizes too!

Employees playing Game Show Triva at Company Event

6. Sports Tournament

Cultivate strong coworker relationships with a sports tournament. Divide your employees into teams and spend a Saturday playing kickball, relay races, and other team-building games. These events encourage healthy competition and offer prizes for the winning team. Encourage as much team spirit as possible with face paint and/or matching team jerseys.

Employee Playing Hoop Shot at Company Picnic IMG_0118

7. Award Ceremony

Hosting an award ceremony gives your hard working employees recognition and celebrates all of your company’s achievements. Hand out awards for work anniversaries, most improved employee(s), or biggest sale(s). Get more ideas for your next employee award ceremony here. Award ceremonies directly create a positive company culture by showing employees that they are appreciated.

Staged Employee Award Ceremony in Los Angeles

8. Promote Your Brand

Corporate events should be an investment back into your company. Your brand should be seen everywhere with your logo proudly displayed, banners hung, and photos documented. Your brand should be seen in your catering, entertainment, and decor. Click here for more event branding ideas.

Branded Cupcakes and Display Table at Company Picnic for Target

9. Carnival-Themed Picnics

Working is hard work. Give your employees a break from their typical adult, stressful work life, and let them be a kid again! Bring the carnival right to your very own warehouse or private park and let employees spend a day of fun with their friends, families, and coworkers. Giving employees a break makes them happy to come to work the following Monday and boost company morale.

carnival game booths and prizes

10. Surprise Luncheon

On a random work day, surprise your employees with a luncheon right on-site. Bring in a delicious catered meal (make sure your remember your vegetarian, gluten free, and vegan friends!) and give your employees an afternoon off where they can get to know their coworkers better. When employees feel appreciated and acknowledged, they are more likely to work harder and be more invested into your company.

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