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The Gift (Bag) That Keeps on Giving

Many of our clients, as well as corporate sponsors, ask us about gift bags for guests upon arrival. As any experienced party-goer will tell you, gift bags are an awesome addition to your corporate event and add an extra touch of class and style. At Event Solutions, we just have a knack for putting it all together for you. We can arrange to have your gift bags custom designed to advertise your particular event or product.  We then organize the assembly of the bags and then distribute to your gusts at the event. It’s just one less thing for you to worry about when you come to us for all your corporate event planning needs!

Branded Gift Bags for Corporate Event

Thank Your Guests the Right Way

Thanking your guests for attending your event is always a nice and appreciated touch. Try and make sure to tie the gift in with the general feel and purpose of the event. You might provide guests with bags filled with sunscreen, bottled water, and sunglasses for an outdoor event, like a beach picnic, for instance, held during the summer. Or, gift your guests with tickets to an upcoming circus at a carnival event.

Flowers or potted plants also make nice parting gifts, and can additionally be used as décor at your event. Promotional items, like custom USB flash drives, t-shirts, and baseball caps are also commonly given at corporate events. Ask your party planner about adding your logo to any gift!

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Gift Bags That Pack a Punch

When emblazoned with the logo and name of your company, gift bags can serve as free (and fun) advertising for years to come. When giving promotional items, just be sure to provide your guests with something they can use and which works with the general feel and reputation of your company. Giveaway promotional items should be designed to increase memorability, communicate, motivate, promote or increase recognition of your company or product. Because guests don’t always stay until the end of a party or event, it’s often a good idea to set up the giveaways at the end of dinner (or at about the middle of an event if no dinner is being served). Your registration table is the handiest place to set up giveaways; however, if the exit is different than the entrance, you will want to designate another area to make sure all of your guests are aware of when and where to pick up their gifts.

Luau-Beach Themed Picnic Registration Table and Staff

It’s All In The Details

You also want to consider your packaging when planning giveaway gifts. The packaging, design and logo should be attractive and convenient. It should be easy for your guests to carry or to pack for the trip home (as is reasonably possible, of course). If you are planning a fundraising or non-profit event, consider asking other companies and businesses to donate promotional items or gift certificates to their business as parting gifts for your guests. This is a cost-free alternative for you, gives the donating businesses free advertising, and aids their reputation as a company that cares about the community. No matter what your plan for offering parting gifts to guests at your event, consult with the our party planning experts for the most creative, economical, interesting and unique gifts to put a smile on the faces of the attendees as they leave the event. The days of giving your guests the company pen are over! We have creative and innovative ways to ensure your gift bags are fun, unique and something your guests will keep and use long after your event is over.

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Contact an event planner  to start planning your entire event (including your gift bags)! Our 5-star staff are ready to help every step of the way!

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