Event & Stage Lighting for Corporate Events

Event & Stage Lighting

Event & Stage Lighting

Designing and then organizing an unforgettable immersive atmosphere can make all the difference in the success of your event. Among all other event services, lighting is a designer’s secret weapon to completely transform spaces. The right lighting can leave a lasting impact on your guests. Too bright, and you leave attendees cowering and covering their eyes; too dark, and it’s impossible to get a good read on the live action! Whichever way you slice it, professional, high-quality event lighting can instantly transform any event from ordinary into extraordinary. At Event Solutions, we provide a wide array of decorative and functional lighting options. We have the capabilities to produce film and theater-quality lighting without any hassle on your part, leaving you free to enjoy the evening in the perfect amount of ambient and direct lighting.  Who’s ready for their close-up?

Catered Outdoor Destination Event

Let Your Light Shine

Utilizing the right lighting for your next event doesn’t have to be difficult, but we understand the challenges. With so many options available, you might be wondering how to tackle such an important aspect of your event. And, with a wealth of emerging technologies in event lighting, it might seem a little overwhelming to try to understand each and every option available. Event Solutions is here to help, with innovative concepts that don’t break the bank. We offer LED up-lighting for both indoor and outdoor use (for your summer events, galas, and anniversaries), gobos (read on for examples!), spotlights, marquee lighting, string lighting, decorative and functional chandeliers, custom candle arrangements – basically, whatever you can envision, we can deliver!

Majestic Halls Downtown Setup for Company Party with Immersive Lighting

Leave it to Us

Let us take the guesswork out of figuring out your lighting solutions. Contact us today to speak with one of our professional event planners, and create a magical ambiance that will leave your guests enchanted.

Consider the Various Lighting Options and Accessories for Your Next Event:

Custom Event Production (including Lighting Trusses, Stage, AV and Professional Sound) at VIP PartyGOBO: A stencil placed in front of your preferred light source, in order to project a particular shape, logo, image, etc. Consider using a gobo to project your company logo onto a grand wall or staircase for a lasting impression!

event management and production for outdoor eventUplight (Indoor or Outdoor): A light placed at the base of a column, wall, or other structure to produce lighting in an upward fashion. Uplights are a classic and classy way to add an extra layer of dimension to your corporate event. They add depth and texture to dinner parties, can highlight a particular work of art or product, or provide additional ambiance for any live plants or greenery you might want to add to your event.

create the right mood for your holiday party with blue lighting

LED uplight: Great for indoor or outdoor use (depending on the model), LEDs do not rely on an AC power source and can be charged for portability. Note that LEDs may take several hours of charging before they are ready for use. LEDs are an excellent option for quick, portable lighting. Considering an evening dinner or company picnic under the stars? Consider including LEDs as an important part of your lighting package.

Warm inviting event space

Chandeliers & Novelty Lighting: Considering hosting an event during the holiday season? Have a particular theme in mind that works well with chandeliers, string lighting, standalone globe lights, and other types of novelty lighting? Consider this option to seriously impress your guests.

overview of one of our corporate events

Swagging & Lighting: Perfect for larger areas, lighting fixtures in combination with fabric swag curtains can create a truly dramatic effect. Consider using swag curtains and lighting with trussing (pictured) for the ultimate in grand entrances.


Lasers: Great for events with live music! Create an authentic concert atmosphere with flashy lasers that ignite the show, or use laser projectors to display animated and changing logos and designs anywhere in your event space. Lasers add a special kick to any event, especially when paired with our other lighting options!

Understanding the Needs of Your Event

Lighting can make a drastic impact on your event. Keep in mind that proper lighting can increase your budget – but can also turn an ordinary event into something extraordinary. Note the size and scale of your venue. Are there high ceilings? Balconies? Several doorways? Very narrow entryways? Consider the structural integrity of the space you’ll be celebrating in. Your event planner will be able to better understand these things and can help you plan the lighting options that are best for you. Also, consider the size and amount of lighting you’re choosing. You might need to make a site visit with your event designer to better determine how certain lights will look in certain places.

Don’t worry – the team at Event Solutions is here to answer any questions you might have, regardless of how easy or difficult they may seem! Contact us today to speak with an experienced event professional that can help you get it right the first time.

Let’s Bring Your Event into a New Light

Ready to get started with providing professional, high-quality lighting for guests at your next corporate event? Contact us today for more specific information regarding lighting, event design, venues, and all other event production needs. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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